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How to Read Prescription

You may have such questions as How To Read Prescriptions and How to Read Eye Prescription,or you may also seek several helpful information about How To Read Prescription Labels. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Read Eyeglass Prescription,too. Read more as following:

To know how to read prescriptions you must first be able to decipher your doctors handwriting, doctors seem to be extremely bad at writing a prescription in a legible manner. Once you have figured out the handwriting, you will need to learn what all the abbreviations stand for.

How to Read Prescriptions?

It can be hard to read prescriptions at times. Here is a few meanings<br/>QD-one a day<br/>BID- twice a day<br/>TID-three times a day<br/>QID- four times a day<br/>HS- bedtime only.... More »

How to Read Eye Prescription?

The main distinctions of the eye prescription are the S which is the spherical portion that reads the nearsightedness, or the farsightedness, C measures the level of astigmatism, and the axis measures the orientation of the astigmatism.... More »

How to read prescription labels?

1. PHARMACY NAME AND ADDRESS. At the top of the prescription label, you will see the name of the pharmacy filling your prescription, and its street address. 2. PHARMACY PHONE NUMBER. Near the pharmacy's name and address, you will find the pharmacy's... More »

How to read prescription medicine?

1. Look at your doctor's handwritten prescription. You will see the name of the medication. If you see a name other than the medicine you expected, ask your doctor. Chances are he has prescribed you a generic version of the medicine you expected. 2.... More »

How to Read an Eyeglass Prescription

Knowing how to read an eyeglass prescription could save you money and time when trying to purchase new lenses, especially if you're going to a new doctor or ordering online. To learn what your prescription means and how to read it, follow a few simpl... More »

How to read a prescription pad?

1. Review the doctor's information. This section of the prescription pad lists your doctor's name, credentials (such as MD), address, telephone number, and medical license number. Your pharmacist will use this information to identify your doctor in a... More »


  1. Vega The Spaniard Reply:

    I lost the slip of paper that tells me the prescription for my glasses. My location where I purchased my glasses has went out of business long time ago. How/where can I go to find my prescription?

  2. Ms. H Reply:

    I am not talking about her body. PLease read my prescription of my person qualities on my las question

  3. Some1 Reply:

    …in regards to the correction required. If my glasses prescription reads -3.5 L and -3.0 R, is the correction not the same for contact lenses?

  4. Prettypinkskittle Reply:

    My prescription reading glasses make my sight blurry (and make me nauseous) when I view things far away. Is this normal?

  5. Maie Reply:

    I lost one of my contact lenses earlier, and since I don’t want to go to my usual eye doctor, I was wondering whether I could bring my other lense and if they could read the persription and sell me the same kind.
    Also, the one I have is monthly, were as I need daily contacts.

  6. Shanel Reply:

    How would I convert the below prescription for glasses to a read only prescription or distance only? I heard it can be input into google, but I tried. Maybe there is a specific format to input in?

    sperical cylindrical axis add
    od -0.25 0.00 000 +1.75
    os -0.25 -0.25 095 +1.75

  7. Cm93 Reply:

    Im tryin to order glasses off the internet and i don’t know how to read my prescription i wanted to know if it says -50 does it mean -5.00 or -.50 same with cylinder -25 is it -.25 or -2.50 please help

  8. Ordog Reply:

    How do I read my prescription?

  9. Alphaphibubbles Reply:

    Don’t all they do is read a prescription, get the medication listed, and give the amount listed? I think most junior high school kids could do that.

  10. Lucas Carlton Reply:

    I just want to wear them for fun. You know fun glasses. I think I look better with glasses and found a fake, non reading prescription pair that I like. But if I wear them to school I don’t want my friend to be mad or think I am making fun of her… what do you think?


  11. Lance Kerwin Reply:

    i just got glasses and i read my prescription and it said distance and near but i didnt know what that meant

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