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How Were Eyeglasses Made

You may have such questions as How Are Eyeglass Lenses Made and Why Were Eyeglasses Made,or you may also seek several helpful information about How Are Eyeglasses Made. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Prescription Eyeglasses,too. Read more as following:

Eyeglasses were made, in much the same way as they are now. Crystals were placed in frames that were balanced on the nose. Side pieces, ribbons and other means were used to keep the glasses from falling off. The first glasses and reading stones were used to help people read and see things close up, they were developed in the 12 century. It would take another 400 years for glasses to be developed for people who couldn’t see far away.

How are eyeglass lenses made?

The optometrist determines what degree of correction your eyes require and the geometry of the lenses. The production of lenses is a highly-automated process. The lenses start as blanks of optical plastic or glass material. These are machined, ground... More »

Why were eyeglasses made?

To make people see better.... More »

How are Eyeglasses Made?

To make eyeglasses they start with your lenses first where they put a numeric value on the strength needed to correct your vision. Once thats done the technician takes the lense closes to the perscription and places the lense in a machine that cuts i... More »

When were the first eyeglasses made?

The ancestry of eyeglasses dates back to 4 BC, when people utilized water to magnify items for clearer viewing. The modern framed eyeglasses were known to exist as early as 1285, then referred to as "spectacles". By definition, eyeglasses are devices... More »

What were the first eyeglasses made of?

The frames were made from metal and the lens were made from crown glass.... More »

When Were Eyeglasses Invented?

Know one knows the exact date they were invented, but it is believed to be sometime between 1268 and 1289 in Italy by a unknown inventor. Early glasses were pinched down on the nose, it took several hundred years to realize that side pieces that rest... More »


  1. Eric James Reply:

    I currently have dark plastic frames made by Timberland. I bought them to be pseudo-trendy, but being a professional in the field of higher education, I want to look more mature, but still maintain a sense of style. What do you recommend?

  2. Paper Reply:

    I bought glasses online, but I think the lens width is to large (51mm). Instead of returning them, can I get the lens to be made smaller?

  3. Boxinii Reply:

    I know how reading glasses work. I want to know about magnifying eyeglasses (glasses you wear). Do they enable you see distant objects (4 meters or more) in a magnified view?

  4. Mathew Reply:

    I am 13 years old and i’m doing a project on the invention of the Prescription Glasses.I would like the answer for my question please!? Because I want to pass my grade and make it to highschool and make it into a good one, too.

  5. Jeraco Reply:

    I have a pair of eyeglasses that arent made anymore nd the temples need replacing. If i pop into and opticians in town like specsavers do they have spare temples they could try and match and fit to my frame?

  6. Reginald Reply:

    I want to look for eyeglasses online and don’t know what to call them. I don’t need a prescription for reading, only one for distance. I’ve seen, occasionally, eyeglasses that have only an upper half and no lower half. I need to know what they are called so that I can search for them online.

  7. Shockt Reply:

    I was watching this video on yahoo that said 3 out of the 4 eyeglasses that they tested were made incorrectly.
    I wonder if I had a bad pair once. Once I had these glasses that just didn’t seem right and used to make me dizzy

  8. Glmac Reply:

    I saw on the net that eyeglasses frames are made in both italy and china. Does someone know more about this?

  9. Ginny P Reply:

    I want to use an eyeglass that are made for blocking radiations from the pc.

  10. S Reply:

    I have prescription eyeglasses and one lens came out and broke. Can i get new glasses made from the one remaining lens or do i have to go back and get my prescription from the optometrist?

  11. Wrapped In Plastic Reply:

    Where are Carrera eyeglasses made? I just bought these glasses and am hoping there made in America. Anyone know?

  12. Shemal Reply:

    My expensive eyeglasses were made with the application of some antiglare film that is partially pealing off and bubbling. How can I remove all of it? TY!

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