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Is Visine Addictive

You may have such questions as Is Visine Bad for Your Eyes and What Happens When You Drink Visine,or you may also seek several helpful information about What Happens If You Put Visine in Someone’s Drink. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Visine Side Effects,too. Read more as following:

Yes you can have a form of addiction for Visine. Visine constricts the blood vessels in your eye but after frequent use the constriction becomes less pronounced and then you have to keep using more; this can cause damage to your blood vessels.

Is visine bad for your eyes?

i don't think it's really that bad to use it once and awhile but since you use it multiple times a day that could be a problem. i would schedule an eye appointment with a doctor and ask him/her your questions. maybe they can prescribe something for y... More »

What Happens When You Drink Visine?

It depends on which type of eye drops you drink. There is a specific brand that when ingested will give you diarrhea like you've never had in your life. You will feel like the gates of Hades has opened a portal in your gut, and all that evil, malice,... More »

What happens if you put visine in someone's drink?

The active ingredient in Visine eye drops is Tetrahydrozoline HCl 0.05%. Swallowing this substance can result in a number of nasty effects, including: Lowering body temperature to dangerous levels Making breathing difficult, or even halting it entire... More »

Is Visine Harmful if Swallowed?

It might tast aweful but Visine is not harmful nor fatal if swallowed. I would not advise drinking the bottle. VIsine is designed to give your eyes added moisure so blinking and redness dont hamper your vision. I don't know how you would find yoursel... More »

Is Visine deadly if you consume a small amount of it?

If you drink Visine it can make you sick or even kill you. Visin...... More »

What are the effects of ingesting Visine?

Visine's active ingredient is Tetrahydrozoline, a substance which, even in s...... More »


  1. Rain Reply:

    I wanna try weed for the first time I’m 15 and sure I can get it easily but I’m worried will it mess up my lungs or will I crave it and how can I prevent red eyes after I do it .and also if I buy a blunt or roll or watever how can I prevent it from smelling

  2. Tori Reply:
  3. Becky Reply:

    is marijuana addictive?

  4. Aaron H Reply:
  5. Aliyu Hayatu Reply:

    I know products like Visine work but I cant find any in my house. My eyes are really sore and Im looking for some relief.
    Will things like aspirin work?

  6. Coco Reply:

    for the last week now i have been sneezing, runny nose,
    and my eyes are becoming a Little bit sore.

    is there any thing what i get for this thanks :)

  7. Electric_wolf Reply:
  8. Phil Reply:

    I am new to the allergy thing I’ve never had them my whole life until now and I have the complete package: runny/stuffy nose, itchy burning eyes, and it is hard for me to breath. I’m going crazy I’ll try anything , natural remedies different medicines claratin and zyrtec dont work…hhheelllp

  9. Ashleymh2009 Reply:
  10. Cristiane Reply:

    It never fails,,,everytime I wear contacts only one eye gets a red mark on it. I saw a utube vid, where this Asian chick put some special drops (not regular eyedrops) to prevent her eyes turning red

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