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Where are the Lacrimal Glands Located

You may have such questions as Where Is The Lacrimal Gland Located and Where Is The Lacrimal Gland Located In The Eye,or you may also seek several helpful information about What Is The Functions Of Lacrimal Gland. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Cell Bodies of the Sensory Neurons of the Spinal Nerves Are Located in,too. Read more as following:

The lacrimal gland is located at the outside corner of the eye. This gland is shaped like an almond. The purpose of this gland is to produce tears.

Where is the lacrimal gland located?

The lacrimal gland is located just above the outer corner of the eye. ChaCha agai...... More »

Where is the Lacrimal gland located in the eye?

The Lacrimal gland is located in the lateral part of the orbit.... More »

What is the functions of lacrimal gland?

In charge of lubricating, cleansing, moisturizing the eye, as well as serving as an antibacterial... More »

What is the lacrimal gland?

The lacrimal glands are a pair of small glands located above the eye and towards the sides of the head. They produce the liquid tear film that covers the eyes... More »


  1. Robin Slagle Reply:

    how is the yawning system connected to the eyes that they produce tears?

  2. Seanie Reply:

    I have a blocked tear duct and have a photo shoot on wednesday! How can I get rid of it quickly, also I’m 16

  3. Horselover Reply:

    Is it a chemical reaction or what?

  4. Pookiieinsanelette Reply:

    So I’ve been crying for a little bit and I was wondering how do tears fall?

  5. Emmy Kink Reply:

    I have been diagnose with conjunctivitis and my doctor gave me antibiotic but after I used it all up my eyes is dry again but not itching and my eyes have mild rednees do you think my conjuntivitis is healing up help!! me!!

  6. Kaitlyn Reply:

    It is annoying……Especially when I go in to a yawning fit. 😉

  7. Zalika Reply:

    Even if you’re not sad but just cry, like when you’re trying to put your contacts in and your eyes get irritated, my nose gets stuffed.

    Why? Just curious, but it seems strange.

  8. Horses Reply:

    Idk, just something I always wondered.

  9. Juliette Reply:
  10. Winterrose Reply:
  11. Eon Reply:

    -the heart
    -the inner ear
    -the frontal sinus
    – tear gland
    -the pituitary gland
    Which one?

  12. Abinaya Reply:

    If I can get any pictures, it will be very useful. can someone help me please?

  13. Manman11 Reply:

    You can be perfectly healthy but when you cry mucus comes out of nowhere. WTH? Same thing happens when your cold. Anybody know why?

  14. Solitary Reply:

    What are the best eye drops?

  15. Tttt Reply:

    My guinea pig gave birth to 5 babies and one looks like it has conjunctivitus, really sore closed up eyes. What do u think it is?

  16. Sata Reply:

    I remember seeing a video talking about how the eye grows a thin film over the eye while sleeping and upon waking and being exposed to light, it literally burns away. What is the name for this?

  17. L I G H T S Reply:

    What are their names and where are they located? Thank you.

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