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Why do Eyes Get Dilated

You may have such questions as What Drugs Dilate Eyes and What Makes Eyes Dilate,or you may also seek several helpful information about Why Do Eyes Dilate. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Diagram of a Dilated Cervix,too. Read more as following:

The eye doctor, or optometrist, will dilate your eyes to better get a look in your pupils. They can check for eye disease and other problems this way.

What Drugs Dilate Eyes?

There are many street drugs that can make the eyes dilate. When you use the eye drops to get the red out of your eyes it will also make your eyes dilate as well. Drugs such as methamphetamine, and LSD will make your eyes dilated. For more information... More »

What Makes Eyes Dilate?

Eyes dilate in response to the amount of light there is. If they didn't we would have much difficulty in seeing in very bright or dark light. Eyes will also dilate when we see someone we love and from certain medications.... More »

Why do Eyes Dilate?

Eyes dilate as a way of letting you see better. As an example when it's dark, your pupils dilate to better adjust to seeing in the dark. Same concept as when you walk outside or in a lighted room. The pupils get smaller so you aren't taking in as muc... More »

What is eye dilation?

Dilation allows in more light and constriction allows in less. The musculature in the iris (the colored portion of your eyeball) dilates or constricts as needed. Thus, as light dims, your pupils dilate, and as it brightens, your pupils constrict. As... More »

What does a Dilated Cervix Look Like?

When a cervix is closed, it looks something like a doughnut--thick, round, and with an opening that looks either like a slit or a dot, depending on whether or not the woman has vaginally delivered a child previously. When a cervix dilates, it looks s... More »

How to care for dilated eyes?

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  1. Hailey Reply:

    I am going to get my eyes dilated, and I was wondering, will it hurt when they dilate it? I’m scared. Please help!

  2. Osvaldo Reply:

    I recently had my eyes dilated and i was wondering how long it will take for them to go away and if its ok for me to be on the computer.

  3. Carlos Reply:

    I got my eyes dilated 7 hours ago and my pupils are still large. I plan on playing video games/watching tv.

  4. Terriann Reply:

    A man came up to me the other day and was talking to me about nothing significant and I noticed his eyes dilated. I noticed it straightaway. He also got real close to me and stared at my boobs and then looked away.

  5. Alakzanlove Reply:

    I am getting my eyes dilated in a few weeks. What does it feel like when the doctor puts them in, and what does if feel like after? I have never taken eye drops. Thanks! And I know what it is for

  6. Mons?er ? Loki’d Reply:

    I was wondering if you can make your eyes dilate all the way or close to it (like make your pupils huge). Is there a way, and how can I do it?

  7. Rosie=d Reply:

    I have an eye checkup tomorrow and I’m having my eyes dilated and I was wondering if I could put my contacts in right after my checkup or do I have to wait a little bit after the checkup or until my eyes are back to normal?

  8. Gage Alleman Reply:

    I’m going to get my eyes dilated this weekend and I didn’t know it was okay to drive myself home afterwards?

  9. Isha Reply:

    I had one optometrist tell me I couldn’t wear contacts for 48 hours before getting my eyes dilated. My flight surgeon told me I shouldn’t wear contacts for 72 hours before hand. Which is right and why does it matter?

  10. Jeff_cantilang Reply:

    I’m going to get my eyes dilated this Friday and I was thinking of watching a movie with friends in the movie theater right after. I know they advise you to be in dark places… so would being in the movie theater qualify as safe?

  11. Chey Reply:

    I normally wear contacts 24/7 for 2 weeks before changing them out. But today I am getting my eyes dilated. So should I just wear my glasses to the Dr. Also should I have someone to drive me home. I live 45 minutes from the DR office. Thanks for your answers.

  12. Fergotnfire Reply:

    I’ve no one to take me to the eye doctor after having my eyes dilated for a routine retina check. Will I be able to drive home afterward if I rest for a bit beforehand and wear dark sunglasses? How long will I have have to wait to be able to drive?

  13. Mahdi Reply:

    Having eyes dilated next week. How long after drops are installed until eyes are dilated sufficiently?

  14. Lola Reply:

    I got my eyes dilated before and it stung for hours. I am scared and I will probably have to get it done in a few days. Will I be able to play my instrument after wards?
    And read music.

  15. Ss Reply:

    As of right now (7:30 PM) I had an eye exam and my eyes dilated at around 3 (so 4 hours ago as of right now). The effects aren’t as strong as they were but my eyes are still slightly uncomfortable. Is it safe to play video games, with my glasses on, with my eyes still dilated?

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