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Why do People have Blackouts

You may have such questions as What Is A Blackout and What Causes People To Blackout,or you may also seek several helpful information about What Causes Blackouts. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Alcohol Blackouts,too. Read more as following:

A blackout is a phenomenon in which long term memory creation is impaired or there is a complete inability to recall the past. People have blackouts for many reasons. The main reasons are: anger, heat, or trauma.

What is a Blackout?

A blackout can be a few things. A person can blackout, when they see spots or darkness and then faint. Some other people describe a blackout as, not remembering what happened the night before. Other definitions for a blackout is a loss of electricity... More »

What Causes People to Blackout?

The causes that some people blackout can be due to heavy drinking. Too much alcohol in our system is like poison. Another factor could be due to a illness or disease. Prescription drugs can cause a blackout if it's not taken properly, or not at all.... More »

What Causes Blackouts?

There are numerous causes of blackouts such as excessive alcohol consumption in a relatively short period of time and lack of oxygen that the brain is receiving.... More »

What happens when you blackout from alcohol?

Blackouts are a phenomenon of alcoholism, one of the major signs and symptoms since they do not happen in other diseases. Scientists do not have the capacity to fully understand exactly what happens to the mind and body during blackouts; but it is no... More »

What Causes a Person to Blackout?

There are many factors to what causes a person to blackout. Some of those factors include a fall, massive drip in blood pressure, extreme dieting and poor circulation. ... More »

What Causes Alcoholic Blackouts?

It is presumed that alcoholic blackouts are a good indicator of an alcohol addiction problem. Generally it is caused by heavy alcohol use. For more information look here: ... More »


  1. Mountain Lion Reply:

    Does anyone know how to get around local blackouts on MLB TV for the internet? Does it run off the subscribers zip code, or the actual IP address that is being used to stream the live game?

  2. Skoge Reply:

    I’ve never used anything other than stock pickups in all of my guitars, so I really don’t know much about pickups. I really like the sound of the SD Blackouts. Just wondering if I could put some in an Explorer. The standard one (black w/ the white pick guard) or the 1984 solid white one.

  3. Meme Reply:

    My bestfriend had recently broke his wrist, and shortly afterwards he started experiencing blackouts as well as fainting. I’m wondering if it has something to do with nerve damage in his hand or what ever. Any where I look they do not have an answer for me. Help?

  4. Theaterprincess1023 Reply:

    The biggest thing SOPA is threatening right now is my boredom. How do I get past the blackouts? (Especially Minecraft. I miss my Minecraft.)
    Let me make this clear: I disapprove of SOPA and PIPA. I also disapprove of not being able to use my favorite websites, though.

  5. Meow Reply:

    My monitor is a 22 inch Acer al2216w on dvi input. Often random blackouts would happen on my monitor. It’s getting incredibly annoying. Anyone knows the cause of those blackouts and how to fix it?

  6. Os Reply:

    The question is:

    Sometimes cities experience “blackouts,” where the demands on the utility get so high relative to its capacity to produce electricity that the system shuts down, leaving everyone in the dark. Describe an economic factor that would make blackouts more likely to occur

  7. Uuuu Reply:

    I’m ordering a guitar with Seymour Duncan Blackouts, but the black pickups look pretty bad in the black body, so is it possible to change the pickup covers on SD Blackouts without buying a whole new set?

  8. Ryder Reply:

    Did he use a AHB 1 with a gain booster?
    Blackouts AHB1 or Emg 81 being installed on a RR5FR?
    also does Seymour Duncan sell afterburners for their actives or could i still use a EMG one on a Seymour set? Thanks

  9. Sphynx Lover Reply:

    Seymor Duncan Blackouts. Is there any other way other than hiring a professional to do it?

  10. Crazyfromla Reply:

    Would there be meltdowns if these blackouts lasted for a long time?
    Im talking about if there was a solar storm that cut off all electricity.

  11. Boxinii Reply:

    I need to sleep in darkness but blackouts are so expensive. So want to line my current curtains to make them lightproof.

  12. Ok Reply:

    So I’m going to build a guitar and I was wondering which one I should choose. I’ve heard that the EMGs sound more sterile than the Blackouts but I still want to be able to play music other than metal. Also, would it be possible to mix active and passive pickups?

  13. Macie Reply:

    I have a guitar with EMGs in it and I just bought some blackouts. Do i just swap them out? Or do I need to solder or desolder something from the guitar? I think they have the same pots and 3 pin quick connect plug.

  14. Lou Reply:

    Also why do you get low blood pressure and how can you get high blood pressure. Seriously, I’m so tired of getting blackouts whenever I stand up, any advice?

  15. Dsfsdf Reply:

    A 16 year old boy has blackouts, that to him seem to last seconds but he can be like this for up to half an hour. Of course he doesnt remember it… He just blinks and he’s in a different place. What could this possibly be?

  16. Sassy Reply:

    I get blackouts meaning my vision goes black for a good 10-5 seconds then thing appear normal follwing up with a light dizzyness and small headache for a minute or two. Is this something i might want to tell my doctor about.

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