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Why is One of my Pupils Bigger Then the Other

You may have such questions as What Causes One Pupil to Be Bigger Than Other and What Would Pinpoint Pupils Indicate,or you may also seek several helpful information about What Causes Pupil Constriction. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to One Pupil Bigger Than the Other,too. Read more as following:

One of your pupils might be bigger than the other because of many diseases including diabetes, Herpes, nerve damage, alcoholism or even because this is normal for your eyes.

What symptoms of a sickness would cause one pupil to be bigger than the other?

If one pupil dilates more than the othe...... More »

What Would Pinpoint Pupils Indicate

The pupils of the eye normally dilate and constrict as a response to the amount of light in a person's environment; they dilate in low-light conditions, and constrict in brighter light. Pupils that are abnormally constricted without exposure to brigh... More »

What causes pupil constriction?

Benzodiazepines, Horner's syndrome,Inflammation,Myotic drugs, Neurosyphillus, Opoids, ...... More »

What Drugs Make Your Pupils Small?

The drugs that will make your pupils small are heroin and morphine. These drugs are part of the group called opiates. Barbiturates will also make them small.... More »

Why is your pupil bigger than the other?

It depends entirely on how much light your eye's subjected to, if it's very bright in 1 direction your eye's facing, that sides' pupil will be smaller than the side which is a darker colouration.... More »

What do Dilated Pupils Look Like?

Dilated pupils look like a big black circle. When your pupil dilates it expands taking up the space of the iris. You might still see a bit of iris when your pupils are fully dilated but not much.... More »


  1. Cassidy Johnson Reply:

    I got told that when your pupils get bigger it means that your with someone that you really like, because i was with my friend and this boy and she said your pupils have got really big and that means that you like him, so i was just wondering if that is what it means.
    And i do like this boy.

  2. Michael C Reply:

    Well me and my mom were talking and my little sister(she’s four) her pupils are big like ALOT and my mom was wondering what it means and if it’s normal. Please and thank you!:)

  3. Jojo Reply:

    So. My bf had his arm around me and we were talking to his friend. My pupils kept getting bigger and smaller. && his friend said its cuz im in love. Is it true?

  4. Andrea Harvey Reply:

    My friend got choked by another person and he’s still unconsious and when I checked to see if his eyes dialated one pupil is bigger than the other. It’s not usually this way. What should I do?

  5. Bretman Reply:

    I’ve had comments that my pupils are big. But they are just naturally that way.

    My eyes are blue.

  6. Lala Reply:

    Kind of like cats I guess. Apparently when humans see someone/something they like their pupils get bigger but smaller if they see something they dislike, which is obvious in cats. Is it like this with dogs (except not slits) or is it just when the lighting changes?

  7. Wafi Reply:

    Stupid question, but I want to make my pupils bigger cause then I’m kinda more pretty, and many people say that. Is there any way to do this? And yes, I know they go bigger in dark.

  8. Bobbie Reply:

    how to make your pupils bigger in your eye without doing drugs or eye drops or treatment,?

  9. Storm Reply:

    My girlfriend has been noticing that when I want sex, my pupils get bigger. Why?

  10. Leyla Reply:

    Sometimes, one of my pupils is bigger than the other. They look big, then small.
    When I am looking in the mirror, they get big then little.

  11. Cfhtama973 Reply:

    I drank a bottle of delsym a few months ago and it was great but my eys stayed huge for a week and i got into major trouble. Im planning on drinking it again tonight but will my pupils stay big? I had a buddy do delsym a week ago and his eyes were fine the next day albeit glassy as fuck.

  12. Tina Reply:

    I just noticed my 1 yr old pitbulls pupils getting bigger and smaller as quick as if it were going with a pulse. Should I be concerned about this?

  13. Shawty Reply:

    i knwo there are some drops like tropical eye drops r something that make ur pupils bigger and hence more attractive. does anyone know what they called exactly ?

  14. Vidal Soto Reply:

    I wasn’t born like this, when I look at my eyes in even lighting, my left pupil is bigger.

  15. Sam Buéno Reply:

    I have type 1 diabetes and the new eye test came out and I was told to go to it so I did and they gave me eye drops to make my pupils bigger so they can look at them and now one of my pupils is bigger than the other. Can anyone explain what might this be? Thanks.

  16. Nikki Reply:

    Just want to know becuase my guy friend told me that he loves me. And everytime we talk, I can see his pupils bigger. What makes the pupils dialate when you like someone or sonething? Serious answers.

  17. Nandini Reply:

    Well i have a problem….one of my pupils turn bigger in light and smaller in the dark.The other pupil is normal. Like when i c bright things in the dark they look like fireworks… da glasses helps but like without it lights look like fireworks hella blurry n sparkly. wat is this called.

  18. Robin Slagle Reply:

    I think i need glasses and can’t see far away. Why do they make your pupils bigger when you go there?

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