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Why is the Choroid Black

You may have such questions as What Function Does the Choroid Coat Serve and Why Is The Choroid Is Black In Colour,or you may also seek several helpful information about Why Is The Choroid Black. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Dark Pigment in the Choroid Layer,too. Read more as following:

In nursing school we were told that the choroid is black to help block out light that can damage our eye from things like the sun or ultraviolet rays. It also helps us focus on the color better. Things would appear faded if it wasn’t black.

Why is the choroid is black in colour?

The Choroid is black because its heavily pigmented because of an excess of melanin.... More »

Why is the choroid black?

Because otherwise the images would be faded... More »

Why is the choroid layer black?

It acts as a "light trap" in the same way the black matte finish of the inside of a camera does. Absorbing stray light minimizes internal reflections and increases contrast, thus increasing the acuity of vision. If this layer lacks pigmentation, ligh... More »

What is the function of the sclera?

The sclera, also known as the white or white of the eye, is the opaque, fibrous, p...... More »


  1. Shimul Vye Reply:

    and it also has some red veins in the same spot. What does this mean?

  2. Darqsnow Reply:

    we did a bulls eye dissection and this q’s is a part of the discussion section. so please give a detailed scientific answer. thanks in advance

  3. Gwyn Reply:
  4. Joeniel Reply:

    The white part of my is slight grayish from using a led screen computer and after that it always been grey been give me any tips or advice to help it go away .

  5. Mystic Reply:
  6. Arch Angel Reply:
  7. Tejaswini Reply:

    Factual Answer please…

    Need help putting these in order-

    Vitreous humor
    Aqueous humor
    Ciliary Muscles
    Iris Pupil
    Optic Nerve


    not iris pupil
    The order in which you see when looking at the eye…

  8. Prettypinkskittle Reply:

    And what ever it is…can you describe how it looks?

  9. Keelan Gouard Reply:

    1. what part of the eye can you see best in colour
    2. what part of the eye is the choroid-the tight layer of the eye
    3. which part of the eye controlles the amount of light that enters the eye
    4. on which part of the eye does the image form

  10. Rebecka Reply:

    I tried to find it on wikipedia, but couldn’t.

  11. Bianca Reply:

    all though they say not to worry they set an appointment with a Specialist?

  12. Wildflower Reply:
  13. Iga Reply:

    Would anyone know why?

  14. Melvin Reply:

    Well Im just curious. What part of your eye do you see out of? Is it the black centre, the colorful part or the white part?

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