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Why was Helen Keller Blind

You may have such questions as Did Helen Keller Ever Get Married and How Old Was Helen Keller When She Became Blind,or you may also seek several helpful information about Why Was Helen Keller Deaf And Blind. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Helen Keller Quotes,too. Read more as following:

Helen Keller was blind because at 19 months old, she developed brain fever and lost her eyesight and hearing. Helen was born on June 27, 1880. In March of 1887, Anne Sullivan came to be Helen’s teacher at the request of Alexander Graham Bell.

Did Helen Keller ever get married?

The original answer stated that she married a man called James Keller. Despite the unlikelihood of her finding a man with the exact same last name, this answer is disputed by relatives of Helen's. At this site, her great-grandniece says that Helen wa... More »

How old was helen keller when she became blind and deaf?

Helen Keller was born in Alabama on June 27, 1880. At birth she had both sight and hearing. However, less than two years later (at the age of 19 months) she contracted a dangerous fever after which she became deaf and blind forever. It would have bee... More »

Why was Helen Keller deaf and blind?

she was sick for a long amount of time. And the doctor could not fix her up because it was to late! Answer: She was not born deaf or blind. She had "brain fever"- possibly scarlet fever -as a toddler (nineteen months old) and lost the ability to see... More »

What made Helen Keller famous?

She was blind and deaf, yet became a teacher and a prominent author, political activist and lecturer. Other achievements of hers include being the first deafblind person to receive a Bachelor's Degree of the Arts, advocation for women's suffrage and... More »

Why is helen keller deaf and blind?

she got sick at 19 months old and the sickness went away leaving her blind and deaf... More »

Why was helen keller blind and deaf?

The illness that struck Helen Keller, leaving her deaf & blind , was diagnosed as.... More »


  1. Lowell L Reply:

    What can you say about Helen Keller’s accomplishments throughout her life and how can you compare them to another’s accomplishments?

  2. Fatoum Reply:

    My son making a scrapbook on helen Keller for a project. I need ideals and I need to find someone who can Write Helen Keller’s life in Braille and By Johnathon in Braille. I will pay for this. He’s 11 and he’s so excited and it counts as a big part of his final grade.

  3. High Heel Hanna. Reply:

    Well, me and my friends decided to have a Helen Keller joke-off and I really want to win! Any that come to mind?

  4. Monique Reply:

    In that song that goes ‘ do the helen keller, don’t trust her, never trust her’ and so on. Is helen keller a person?

  5. Madeleine Reply:

    I heared that Helen Keller’s story has something to do with teh caste and class system the one that determines a person entire future based on his birth only or birth individual achievmenets?
    Does anyone have an idea how could this story affect socity?

  6. Maresy Johns Reply:

    I hate to do a report for school over someone (other than Helen Keller) who was/is blind, deaf, or both. Ray Charles, Stevie Wonder, and Beethoven have already been claimed. I want someone interesting; not some random politician or something. Like an actor or singer. Please help!

  7. Dasha Reply:

    i remember seeing a helen keller movie (the girl that is blind and deaf) in the 5th grade, it was black and white, and it might’ve been silent.
    my history of cinema teacher disagreed with me,a dn said it didnt exist.
    does anyone know what its called?
    or where i can find info on it?

  8. Hogmfte Reply:

    Helen Keller was born blind and deaf. How did she, or anyone else with the same condition, actually grasp the concept of hearing and seeing?

  9. Tomato Reply:

    How did Helen Keller write books and letters and such things? I have found that she was born blind and deaf, and I can see no such way that she could ever have learned to write with such conditions.

  10. Terai Reply:

    When searching Helen Keller The industrial home for the blind of the city of brooklyn kept coming up, but what exactly did she have to do with it?

  11. Emma Reply:

    Helen Keller she is blind and also deaf,despite the disabilities she manage to become a successful writer and obtain numerous honorary degree

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