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Can you get high off of Tylenol pain relief?

No you can not get high off of Tylenol pain relief! on! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Elise Reply:

    If you have children this may be hard to do. Tylenol; Advil; Cold washrag; Water Advil is an ibuprofen and is the fastest working pain reliever and fever Tylenol is acetaminophen and can be taken with an ibuprofen to get rid of a high fever or painful headache. Cold water will help cool the body off from the inside out. Detail:

  2. Gale Reply:

    This link will take you to a Website to which this Website’s Privacy Policy does not apply. Think about this: The pure pain relief in TYLENOL® works fast on your information, and may differ from labels on product packaging you may have. D&C Red #33, FD&C Red #40, flavor, high fructose corn syrup, polyethylene

  3. Sonja Reply:

    14 Nov 2004 Concerning Tylenol: A typical dose lasts about 4-6 hours with an onset of relief within the first half hour. Maximum pain relief occurs within an hour and a half. However, tylenol is a weak pain killer and these figures work for… More:

  4. Cindie Reply:

    Aleve can cause Ulcers and Internal Bleeding. More:

  5. Maye Reply:

    Ibuprofen is an anti-imflamatory as well as pain killer. It can be hard on the stomach. Tylenol is neither. More:

  6. Marina Reply:

    pain relief – can i take a tylenol #3 on top of a Darvocet? horrid low back pain – Darvocet is usually helpful, but not today – can i try adding the Tylenol # 3? or any other

  7. Cristine Reply:

    Myotonia can actually be caused by a few different disorders!Myotonia Congenita, due to mutations on the CLCN1 gene!Paramyotonia Congenita, due to mutations on the SCN4A genePotassium Aggravated Myotonia, also called Acetazolamide Responsive Myotonia, due to mutations on the SCN4A geneMyotonic Muscular Dystrophy Type I and Type II and a few more very rare disorders!Sometimes clinical manifestions alone cant distinguish myotonia caused by CLCN1 mutations from myotonia caused by SCN4A mutations, or even myotonic muscular dystrophy type II! The treatment for the disorders may vary, so if you have not had genetic testing to distinguish which myotonia causing disorder you have, you should! Sometimes people think they have Myotonia Congenita when they actually have Potassium Aggrevated/Acetazolamide Responive Myotonia, or they will be told they have myotonia congenita when the doctors actually meant paramyotonia congenita!Myotonia congenita responds best to mexiletine, also called Mexitil, while Potassium Aggrevated/Acetazolamide responsive myotonia responds better to Acetazolamide and low potassium diets!If you are falling every day, and hurting a lot, you are probably working too hard against the myotonia! This might sound like a lot of new age BS, but you need to learn relaxation techniques to prevent yourself from working against the myotonia and voluntarily yet subconsciously tensing or utilizing your muscles when they arent in the proper state for you to do so! Imagine your muscles like an engine with a sensitive throttle! You only need to tap the gas peddle for the engine to rev up to very high RPMs and that gas peddle is going to stick so take your foot off of it until the engine is done reving and the gas peddle unsticks! Keeping yourself patient and calm also minimizes hormones such as adrenaline which make myotonia worse! And then another thing I highly suggest you do even if you have to suffer for a while to do it, is lose weight! 300lbs is a lot to heft around and puts a lot of demand on your muscles and losing weight will also change your metabolism and hormone levels, probably for the better with respect to the myotonia!A lot of people with myotonia find regular stretching and activity routines help control the myotonia! I would start with a reduced calorie diet and walking! Its probably going to be one of those woods get darker before they get lighter thing but once you get down to a healthier weight Id be surprised if you didnt feel better!

  8. Florene Reply:

    No,you cant get high off these as they are just 500mg acetaminophen or paracetamol (uk) You are pregnant can you take equate extra strength pain reliever?

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