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What are causes chest pain?

Chest pain can be caused by heart problems, such as angina; panic attacks; digestive problems! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Melanie Reply:

    Many people suffer from chest pain that is caused by the amount of gas that is located in the esophagus. Here are the steps that will help you to diagnose the Detail:

  2. Venetta Reply:

    Chest pain is usually a secondary symptom and can be caused by anything from obesity to anxiety.

  3. Sparkle Reply:

    Chest wall pain, or costochondritis, is a condition that causes sharp pain in the chest wall where the breastbone attaches to the ribs. This pain has several causes and should be evaluated by a doctor. More:

  4. Inell Reply:

    The chest houses many vital organs. Pain in the center of the chest can suggest something as minor as indigestion, or as serious as a heart attack. Chest pain is always an indication that something is wrong, and it warrants a trip to the em… More:

  5. Christeen Reply:

    There are many different things that could cause chest pains. Chest pains could come from gas, heart attacks, or other illnesses. Many times when we experience chest pains we associate it with a heart attack or other serous illnesses, but m… More:

  6. Constance Reply:

    Ex junkie with severe chest pain,had endocarditis in the past,numb lip& right leg pain,left sided chest pain? I had bacterial endocarditis last year, 7 weeks in hospital, had

  7. Miesha Reply:

    As you know, there is alot of muscles in the chest area! It could be a type of strain or a pulled muscle! Which isnt easily detected by your physician! Do you do any repetitive movements at work or anything?? It could be something you do so often that you dont take into consideration!

  8. Earline Reply:

    Understand the importance of knowing about various causes of chest pain. Not all chest pains are symptomatic of a life-threatening illness, but take.

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