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What does it mean when you have a piercing pain in your stomach?

The term acute abdomen refers to a sudden, severe abdominal pain of unclear etiology that is less than 24 hours in duration! It is in many cases a medical emergency, requiring urgent and specific diagnosis! Several causes need surgical treatment! Some causes may include appendicitis, peritonitis, and pancreatitis! Don’t hesitate to seek medical attention immediately! Cha! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Raye Reply:

    Just when you think everything is going along well in your pregnancy, you get a stab of sharp pain in your lower right abdomen. What does it mean? Is it normal Symptoms that accompany an ectopic pregnancy include stabbing pain in your abdomen, vaginal bleeding and discharge, and weakness, dizziness and nausea . Detail:

  2. Robbin Reply:

    What does stabbing pain on right side under ribs mean? No member of this site Pain under ribs on right side of stomach? It could be related to What does is mean if you have minor pain under your right rib cage? Are you a drinker or an

  3. Jaye Reply:

    Stomach pains could have a number of different causes. You could have something harmless like gas or severe like appendicitis. If you have persistent or worsening stomach pains, especially with fever, consult your doctor. More:

  4. Zena Reply:

    The most common I think is eating something that disagree’s with your stomach. The best way to deal with it (which is not fun) is to let your system get rid of it. Alot of people will take say Pepto Bismol which is understandable, but its b… More:

  5. Sharon Reply:

    If you over eat then you can get those nasty stomach pains. Try to avoid a lot of junk food and drinking a lot of soda because they can upset your stomach. More:

  6. Olene Reply:

    I am also really tired. Sleeping in late. Sore throat and stuffy nose. Occasional headaches. Weird food cravings at night. Restless sleeping. Dizzy spells. A bit over emotiona

  7. Kendra Reply:

    No one gets their belly button pierced anymore! Your about 7 years BEHIND everyone!

  8. Polly Reply:

    Most people can blame abdominal pain on their stomachs, but Why does your right side of your stomach hurt? you might have appendicitis if it hurts really bad

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