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What does it mean when you have sharp pain in your heart?

A sharp pain located near your heart can be a signal of something very serious such as a heart attack or heart disease! ! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. alexa k Reply:

    I have had continues sharp pains in my gear area and I can’t seem to get rid of them. If hurts to move and breathe. I’m only 16 too.

  2. chelsea Reply:

    i have pains in my chest there not sharp but they do hurt me and it is really worrying me, and i dont know what to do about it? could it be a heart attack? or could it be a anything else?, my left arm just aches?

  3. Geneva Reply:

    When a racing heart hits, consider where you are and what might have made your heart begin to race. The snapping will redirect your attention to the sharp pain and you will be busy What Does it Mean When Your Heart Starts Racing? Detail:

  4. Suzette Reply:

    Apr 30, 2007 I have minor but sharp pain on the left side, some… Make Y! My Homepage. Notifications Help I have minor but sharp pain on the left side, sometimes the right side of my ribcage, does this mean a heart attack? 5 years

  5. Zandra Reply:

    The source of a sharp chest pain may arise from a variety of potential sources: Angina, Heart attack, Broken or bruised ribs. More More:

  6. Merideth Reply:

    Make a appointment with your doctor …. More:

  7. Emmie Reply:

    There can be many different reasons for sharp head pains. Some of those include illness, allergies, stress, foods, smells or than can be a deeper underlying condition. You can find more information here:… More:

  8. Rochel Reply:

    What is the sharp pain in the chest area near that the upper back behind the heart that goes start to heart? Sharp chest pain that starts and end abruptly. Location: Near hear

  9. Sabra Reply:

    First of all , stop trying to self diagnose, there is a reason doctors go to school for so long and specialize and its because the human body is extremely complex and when you add the way our brains work its just crazy to try to figure out on Web MD! You could be having something as harmless but scary as chest wall spasms! Go and talk to a doctor, or find a clinic that deals with stress induced physical problems! Or take a stress analysis test to see how you deal with stress, Stress alone can cause the symptoms you describe!

  10. Catharine Reply:

    Anything odd that's happening to your heart is very serious. PERSONAL EXPERIENCE i was having sharps pains directly in my heart went to doctor & found my

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