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What happens the first time you smoke cigarette?

First-time smokers often feel pain or burning in the throat and lungs from cigarettes! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Lan Reply:

    One of the first things that happens after quitting is you get cravings. They can be quite severe for the first few days, but they will taper off over time. But it is not out of What Happens to Your Mind & Body When You Quit Smoking Cigarettes ? Detail:

  2. Jannie Reply:

    Cough feel like your choking light headed Highly suggest not starting it though I’ve been smoking for 10 years and I’m trying to stop it’s not worth your life Source(s): Myself

  3. Kimbra Reply:

    Cigarette smoke is made up of over 4000 chemical compounds, many which are toxic or carcinogenic. The smoke is created by burning a cigarette. More:

  4. Patricia Reply:

    To smoke a cigarette place one end in the mouth and suck, or inhale, while lighting the other end. Now that it is burning, you can inhale as desired until all that is left is a ‘butt’. Throw out that part (end). Smoking cigarettes is bad fo… More:

  5. Olivia Reply:

    Their may not be any immediate effects to smoking cigarettes. Over time, you become reliant on the nicotine to calm your nerves. If you smoke for an extended period of time, it can be difficult to quite and can lead to cancer and death. You… More:

  6. Jean Reply:

    What does it feel like to smoke a cigarette for the type thing about this girl first time? I’m trying to write a story and she smokes cigarettes. I’ve never smoked before so I

  7. Alyce Reply:

    People who smoke for the first time often cough and feel bad unless they have been exposed to cigarettes already before they tried smoking (or have become second-hand smokers)! Yes, you will be able to drive in less than an hour after you have brushed your teeth and washed your hands as well, the feeling of having smoked a cigarette will be gone!

  8. Harriett Reply:

    The first time you smoke a cigarette, you may cough and feel "light-headed," or dizzy. Of course, this is when you inhale. If you fake it and just keep the smoke in

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