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Why do I enjoy pain?

It is a really psychological problem! Some may have had a bad past so they find pleasure in harming themselves! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Eveline Reply:

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  2. Lidia Reply:

    well, there are alot of things to say-for one, I would try and talk to your school social worker. I’ve been through this and alland one thing that eventually you will have to admitis in some way or another-everything is for attention.

  3. Roxann Reply:

    because they dont usually experience that on a regular basis More:

  4. Glayds Reply:

    masochism More:

  5. Marylouise Reply:

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  6. Angelena Reply:


  7. Johnnie Reply:

    Yes! May I suggest your seek the help of a professional!

  8. Nevada Reply:

    period pain can often be confused with constipation. if you have not been latley, eat some fruit and drink some water and do a bit of exercise. It could be because

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