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Why do pain pills make people itch?

Opiate-based pain medicine has a side-effect of itchiness on many people because it releases histamines in the body! Claus knows! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Marcia Reply:

    Get informed on the many types of pain pills, from the over-the-counter (OTC) to It is also recommended that pregnant women do not take NSAIDs. of opioids are: drowsiness, nausea, constipation, itching, breathing problems, and Quite a few people are taking pain pills, most of which are considered to be opiates. Detail:

  2. Avril Reply:

    I had to stop taking percocet and roxicet because I started itching whenever I took them. I get it with all the opioid pain meds, KitchenWitch, Jul-01-07 03:14 PM, # 4 I don’t know how people manage chronic skin problems. But if you do wind up with psoriasis, I do have some management tips for you,

  3. Lera Reply:

    Opiates or pain killers make a person itchy because of opioid receptors in the nerve endings in the skin, drugs are also addictive More:

  4. Wynell Reply:

    There are a lot of Canadian pharmacies that offer pain medication online, but it is not always legal. If you are in pain you should let a doctor know and they can prescribe you the proper medication. More:

  5. Alpha Reply:

    Well, it all depends on what type of pain pill you get. They can come in different sizes and color depending on the milligram they are. If they are a higher milligram, expect them to be a larger sized pill. More:

  6. Marlo Reply:

    why do my pain pills make. I have taken vicodin for me itch? I was diagnosed a while. I usually take celebrex and back with chronic pain syndrome vicodin for the rough patches

  7. Margorie Reply:

    Heres what you do, you hit the books hard! You be the best in your class! Get to a college! Study hard and make something amazing of yourself! That way you have the money to move away and live a wonderful life and get psychological help

  8. Fatimah Reply:

    What can i do to prevent itching due to pain medication? For many people, itching is as far as it will go; HOWEVER, you cannot determine this alone – you must

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