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How to Induce a Period

You may have such questions as How to Naturally Induce a Period and How Can I Force My Period to Start,or you may also seek several helpful information about How To Induce Your Period. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Anything to Induce My Period,too. Read more as following:

Taking a large dose of Vitamin C is said to help induce your period. Other ways could be through medication that your doctor can prescribe for you or other natural elements can help but may not always be effective.

How to induce a period naturally?

You cannot induce a period. I wish you could! You can use a tampon if you're a virgin. Tampons are very easy to use and they come with instructions as well. Some tampons leak, some don't. I would take a few different brands for you to try and see whi... More »

How can I Force my Period to Start?

There is no way to force your period to start. Your period will start after about 28 days but it will happen on its own. I wish women could control when and when not to have their periods.... More »

How to Induce Your Period?

There are a few ways that you are suppose to be able to induce your menstral cycle, they say you can take alot of vitamin c or blue cohosh, although this may not be safe.... More »

How can I Induce my Period?

There is nothing you can do to induce your period. Your body will start your period and cleanse itself when it is ready. If you need to regulate your cycle, see your doctor.... More »

How do they induce a period?

Provera is used to induce a period (It's a tablet).... More »

Can I Make Myself Start my Period?

No, you can't cause your period to start. The first day of your period is determined by two things: when you last ovulated and how long your luteal phase is. The luteal phase is the time period between ovulation and the first day of your menstrual pe... More »


  1. Katherine Reply:

    im going on a school trip and im supposed to get my period the day of the drive up..please tell me how to induce my period or delay it for a week. no stupid answers please.

  2. Shanel Reply:

    im not sexually active, but i want to know how to induce one. I am going on vaction to florida, and i am suppose to get my period on the week we are going. Is there any possible way to induce periods, with birth-control pills??
    i meant …WITH OUT birth-control pills

  3. Abby Reply:

    My sister was taking Provera and now finds out shes pregnant? Will this harm the fetus?I thought they did a preg. test prior to perscribing the drug to induce period, but not positive. Im reading of birth defects and wonder if anyone has experienced this.

  4. Danielle Reply:

    I usually have to induce my periods with progestine. Is it okay and safe if I induce this month and start taking clomid on the 3rd day or should I wait to see if I have a natural period?

  5. Ritesh Reply:

    I am 8 weeks late for my period. Multiple hpt’s, one blood test all negative. Was given Provera to induce period.

  6. School Of Herptology Reply:

    I know it’s not a myth, I just need to know how much OJ or strawberries I need to induce my period by the 24th of June. I have swimming all week and I would prefer not using tamPons or menstrual cups. And how much parsley tea should I drink?

  7. Gimpy Reply:

    I’ve heard that if i take estrogen it will come in less than a day. But not sure if that’s the safest way to go. Because I had a friend who was taking hormones and ended up having twins! I want something to induce my period but without hurting my body.

  8. Inmirror Reply:

    I have PCOS and on cylce day 48… I heard using progesterone for a couple day, I think 5 in a roll then stopping will induce a period. How do I d this? Is that the correct way to use progeterone..??

    I will be using is in the foam substance, I believe its 20mg twice a day.

  9. Elle Reply:

    My baby is 10months n still breastfeeding.TTC #2 and have nt seen my period since I gave birth to it possible to induce period while breastfeeding

  10. Lily Sanchez Reply:

    I’d like to induce my period a couple days early by not taking the last few pills in a pack. Pregnancy possibility is not a factor (sadly, haha). Does this work? Do I need to start back up 7 days after I stop?

  11. Kenneth Gomez Reply:

    I’m planning on starting clomid after i take my birth control, but will clomid 100mg still have the same efftect with a birth control induced period?

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