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When do Babies Develop Freckles

You may have such questions as When Do Kids Get Freckles and Are Babies Born with Freckles,or you may also seek several helpful information about What Causes Freckles. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Ways to Get Rid of Freckles,too. Read more as following:

I don’t think anyone can exactly answer this question. It could be a few weeks, months, or years after your baby is born that it will receive a freckle.

When do kids get freckles?

Well they aren't quite as common in infants, but since freckles are in your genes they can show up at any age and show up quicker the more sunlight you are exposed to. My daughter started getting her first small freckle at the age of 1 too. My husban... More »

Are babies born with freckles?

Babies are not born with freckles. Freckles at an early age are a sign of sun damage.... More »

What causes freckles?

Freckles and the Sun Being outside in the sun may help cause freckles or make them darker. Who's most likely to have freckles? People, especially kids, who have fair complexions. That means their skin and eyes are light in color. Someone with a light... More »

Does lemon juice really get rid of freckles?

Lemon juice will lighten them a teeny, tiny bit -- however, it won't really be noticeable. You can't really get rid of them, only make them less apparent. 1) Wear sunscreen outside. This will prevent you from getting more freckles. 2) Stay indoors mo... More »

At what age do freckles appear on children?

Some babies are born with light freckles that get darker and some only get them when they go out into the sun. They can appear at any time.... More »

Where do freckles come from?

Stars With Freckles. Lindsey Lohan's early. career. was boosted by them. Lara Flynn Boyle has been nominated for several acting awards with them. Academy-Award nominated actress Julianne Moore displays them in all of her movies. What do all three fam... More »


  1. Tomorrow Reply:

    Since I hit 50 I feel great and my confidence has soared!

  2. Macie Reply:

    I understand that identical twins are developed from one sperm and one egg so should develop the exactly the same, so why is there slight differences, well enough for people to tell who is who? Thanks
    I mean physically not personality

  3. Ashleighr Reply:

    I am 21 and I have a baby that is 2 now. If it helps at all.

  4. Mistic Reply:

    Hi.. Im pregnant in my 9th month and i take multivitamins and iron supplements as prescribed by my doctor. Now in tlhe folds on my neck, dark lines are developed.. Also my armpits also got very dark.. Is this because of my iron tablets? What can i do to reduce these dark lines?

  5. Kenzie Reply:

    My second baby is 11 months old and i still have part of what was a long brown line dividing my abdomen that developed shortly after getting pregnant. I had this with my first pregnancy too. Does anyone why this happens?

  6. K Krazy Reply:

    I need a lip balm with sort of a cherry lip tint, anything to give my lips some more color. My lips are very pale. Also, I want it to have spf 30 or more because freckles are starting to develop on my lips & they’re are making my self esteem go down. Please help ;(

  7. Experincso Reply:

    I have a 2 platies that just had babies. One has freckles on it and the other is a tuxedo platy. The other day I saw a platy fry swimming that had lots of tiny spots on it. Then I saw another. Are these babies tuxedo platies or the one that has all the freckles? Thanks!

  8. Isabella Reply:

    Last summer, I left a bottle of baby oil outside. It’s been out there since the end of last August. Will it still work for tanning even though it’s been through all the harsh weather?

  9. Silvana Reply:

    i no the freckles are a dominant gene im not really sure how it works thou. my dad has freckles and outta his 6 kids im the only one who got blessed with them :) what are the chances that this will carry on to my baby boy? btw the babys father doesnt have freckles.

  10. Erica J Reply:

    My 1Year old has very small red spots scattered atop her nose that have been there for atleast two months now, &her father said he thinks they will develop into freckles. Is this really how freckles start out ?
    [just curious-Thanks !]

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