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Who Invented the Birth Control Pills

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Margaret Sanger is the inventor of the birth control pills. When Margaret invented these pills they were intended to be used to prevent low income families from reproducing.

Who Invented the Cell Phone?

Way back in April of 1973, Doctor Martin Cooper made the very first phone call made from his invention, the cell phone. Almost forty years later, we haven't stopped dialing!... More »

Who invented the television?

The television, according to the Americans, was invented by Philo Farnsworth at the tender age of thirteen. However, Russia (and RCA) claims that the "idiot box" was their idea.... More »

Who Invented the Telephone?

Alexander Graham Bell is given the credit for the telephone, and he was the first to have an actual sentence transmitted over telephone lines, "Watson, come here;I want you."... More »

Who invented the car?

France's Jesuit Ferdinand Verbiest invented the first steam car in China in the year 1672. Nicolas Joseph Cugnot of France built a steam automobile in 1769. Gustave Trouve of France designed and invented the first electric car in 1881. Karl Benz was... More »

Who invented the computer?

Inventor of the Computer Many say the first computer is the "difference engine." The first of these devices was conceived in 1786 by J.H. Müller. It was never built. Difference engines were forgotten and then rediscovered in 1822 by Englishman Charle... More »

Who invented footballs?

The first football was made of pig guts.... More »


  1. Joshua Reply:

    When the contraceptive pill was invented it changed the role of women in society, but how? and what were some of the consequences/impacts on society and women (positive and negative)

  2. Sierra Garcia Reply:

    we have our first baby 5 month’s ago we didn’t have any physical relationship for more than 9 moth’s.
    now we want to have it.but i am against of having any oral pill.i am afraid it may cost some problem to baby.please suggest me some cream or pill to insert in mala d ok.

  3. Amber Reply:

    im 17 nad gettin put on birth control what kinds should i get? Im really not good at taking pills everyday for extended period of time!

  4. Ademir Reply:

    I want to try seasonique, has anyone had any experience with it or could suggest another pill with minimal side effects

  5. Shauneill Kyle Reply:

    If not then why hasn’t somebody invented it?

    I am not referring to vasectomy.

  6. Meowmeowmeow Reply:

    I’m doing a biology project/presentation on birth control and I would like some websites or articles I can use for researching ..

    History of Birth Control?

  7. Kim Snitch Reply:

    Like, when they say birth control is “99% effective” (if taken correctly), do they mean 99% if the male ejaculates inside?? Or 99% if he pulls out?

    Same question with condoms?

  8. Snottyrotty Reply:

    I started my birth control pack on a saturday instead of the sunday I was suppose to start taking it..does it matter?

  9. Ratatattatfor Reply:

    what materials are used to make birth control pills/

  10. Shawn Freshwater Fish Reply:

    is there a birth control injection or pill for man? or something like that for period of 30 days or so?

  11. Cruise Control. Reply:

    I need some info on the birth control pill.. like when it was released etc.. does anyone know where i can find this? i googled some stuff, but came up with only new information on it…

  12. Bala Reply:

    The pill has been on the scene since the 60’s, so why not a birth contol pill for men? Are condom’s really the best they can come up with?
    Would men feel less anxious if they were in control of birth?
    I would value your opinion. Terry.

  13. Chocolate C Reply:

    i feel surgery is not acceptable and want to try alternative pet birth control. i love my cats and want them to remain whole and untampered with….will someone invent something please

  14. Black Wolf Reply:

    I’m doing a project for school and I’m inventing male birth control but I neeed to tname it and I was wondering if anyone knew any clever names

  15. Irwin Reply:

    I have been on Alesse for about a year now. Before that, I had always used condoms because I don’t like the side effects of birth control pills. I have noticed that my breasts have grown almost a full cup size since I started the pill … has anyone else had this?

  16. Phantasy Reply:

    Please, I want intelligent people to answer this question because I need an extensive and developed information about the History of birth control pills in the United States.

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