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How does This Drug Affect An Unborn Child

You may have such questions as How Does Drugs Affect An Unborn Child and What Are The Affect On Unborn Child When Taking Drugs,or you may also seek several helpful information about How Can The Environment Affect An Unborn Child. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Poem to Mother from Unborn Child,too. Read more as following:

According to my doctor, any given drug may affect an unborn child in various ways. Many drugs can stunt an unborn child’s development, as anything ingested by a pregnant mother will get passed on to the child. A pregnant woman should speak with her doctor prior to taking any drugs.

How does drugs affect an unborn child?

what sould you do if your leg hurt.... More »

What are the affect on unborn child when taking drugs?

the baby will suffer then she will have a misscarrage... More »

How can the environment affect an unborn child?

Too much of some environmental chemicals can pose a threat to an unborn child, even though these chemicals may not pose a threat to the mother. Two of these threats include lead and mercury. Though a high level of lead may only make the mother sick,... More »

How does smoking affect an unborn child?

Smoking cigarettes during pregnancy more damage to the fetus than to the mother. When the smoke from a cigarette enters the body, some of the additives are quickly exhaled. However, other chemicals stay in the body and move into the placenta. The bab... More »

What does my unborn baby look like?

Early in the embryonic stage, your unborn baby looks like a mass of cells. But by week seven, she already has a distinct shape with visible eyelids, elbow joints, and a tailbone. By week eight, your baby is about the size of a kidney bean and has dis... More »


  1. Dee Reply:

    im trying to keep my unborn child safe.

  2. Hayley Brooke Reply:

    He used to use drugs pretty heavily, but it has been almost 2 years sense he has used. I have never done any type of drugs. I just wanted to know if that could affect our baby?

  3. Ilikeit Reply:

    I have a friend who’s boyfriend may use cocaine,she wants to know if he is can it effect her unborn child? If so what can happen to the unborn child?

  4. Sanu Reply:

    When a Mother smokes pot still breast feeds her baby. How does it affect the baby?

  5. Aditiya Reply:

    my friend has been smoking marijuana and taking vicodin during her pregnancy she doesn’t even look pregnant and she is six months. I was just wondering is the drugs are causing her to stay so little, and if she is harming her baby.

  6. Aaya Reply:

    I need to know if any studies have been reported on the affets of having the Depro Provera injection when you are already pregnant. Any side affects to your unborn baby or the childhood learning anything at all that may affect their life.

  7. No Name Reply:

    I am a woman of 36 years old with a 4 year old son and my problem is that I have been trying to conceive since last year without success.Can you please advise on what drugs or methods I can use to boost the chances of conception.

  8. M Reply:

    A to the point answer please? Thanks so much in advance! :) I need this ASAP
    Thanks so much! Most of the answers are really helpful…
    (This was for a report for school)

  9. Yulka41 Reply:

    If a woman can kill her unborn child why cant she smoke a joint, do a line, etc? She is just controlling what happens to her body. Just wondering what your opinions are. Thanks.

  10. Jared Reply:

    All I have so far is;

    ) Is there any health problems within the family?

    basically, any questions that could affect the unborn baby.
    ) Do you already have children? If so, how many?

    ) Do you or your partner smoke?

    ) Have you been taking medical drugs?

  11. Statia Snyder Reply:

    can a woman get pregnant and have a child but not know she has herpes and the baby not be infected?

  12. Njohnsona30 Reply:

    If the man is using marijuna and having intercourse with a pregnant woman cann he cause birth defects to the unborn child

  13. Luvbug! Reply:

    my boyfriend is currently in recovery for is cocaine and heroin mix addiction, and recently we have conceived im only three weeks pregnant and was told that the drug can possibly me in mine and my unborn childs system. Is this true?

  14. Rebecca Reply:

    Okay, I’m not pregnant nor do I plan to be I was just wondering the affect that Cannabis would have on an unborn child?
    Along with smoking cigarettes and drinking.
    I know that smoking can decrease the oxygen that gets to the baby, so it’s heart has to work harder.


  15. Tori Reply:

    Does his sperm get affected by the drug use, and will it cause the baby to have birth problems?

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