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How early can you take a pregnancy test?

By 14 days after fertilization most home pregnancy tests may be able to detect the hormone in your urine! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Tommy Reply:

    How Early Can You Take a Pregnancy Test? Print this article. Related Searches: A positive pregnancy test beaby shoes image by Adam Przezak from Fotolia. Detail:

  2. Wilma Reply:

    With the new pregnancy tests available today detecting a pregnancy can happen much sooner than it used to. You used to have to wait until 1-2 weeks after you missed your period. Now you can test as early as 4-5 days before you miss your per

  3. Eda Reply:

    There are some brands of pregnancy tests that will work about 5 days before your missed period because they have lower detection limits. Be sure to read the directions on the box to determine when the test should be taken. More:

  4. Sadye Reply:

    From a woman who has used this brand with each pregnancy, I recommend First Response. I had great results a full five days before I missed my period. More:

  5. Clarine Reply:

    If taken properly early pregnancy tests can be 99.9% accurate. You always want to read the directions and be sure to use the first urine in the morning to get the best result. More:

  6. Denisha Reply:

    Are these early signs of pregnancy question. Also this is kinda lon? Early result pregnancy test any chance I could be pregnant good? Ok, I know there is a so that is not the

  7. Kiera Reply:

    It is a sensitive test, but even the most sensitive tests arent super-accurate until the day you expect your period! They are 60% accurate 5 days before, and 97% accurate on the day you miss your period! See the side of the box for more details! Make sure to take it in the morning with the first pee of the day! If you get a negative, wait a few days and try another one! Good luck and baby dust!!!

  8. Dagmar Reply:

    How soon before you can take a pregnancy test? you should wait 2 weeks most times, it depends on what brand of pregnancy test you buy. When can you take a

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