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How soon in a pregnancy can you take a pregnancy test?

Give it about a week before you can expect a urine pregnancy test to be positive! Thanks and remember to keep doing the ! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Loree Reply:

    How Early Can You Take a Blood Test for Pregnancy?. Part of the series: Pregnancy Tips. The hormone that determines if a woman is pregnant or not can be Detail:

  2. Rashida Reply:

    Give it about a week before you can expect a urine pregnancy test to be positive.

  3. Anabel Reply:

    Most pregnancy tests are accurate after you have missed your first period. By this time the hCG levels in your body have reached a point where they can be detected in a home pregnancy test. More:

  4. Rayna Reply:

    How soon will a pregnancy test work, there are many tests you can take 5 days before your missed period. However, to get the most accurate results you really should wait until after your first missed period. More:

  5. Trina Reply:

    It is best to wait to take a home pregnancy test until after you miss your period. Before this time there may not be enough hCG in your body to be detected on the test and you may get a false reading. More:

  6. Noella Reply:

    Period 8 days late, home pregnancy test negative, doctors pregnancy test negative, but have pregnancy symtoms? My periods are usaully regular, me n my partner have been trying

  7. Hellen Reply:

    I would wait until you period is due! It takes awhile until your test comes up positive! I would wait a couple weeks to see if your period comes! If not then test! I took a test when i was only a week pregnant and it came up negative! But i took it a few weeks after an i got a faint line! Im now 19 weeks pregnant! Good luck to you!!

  8. Katina Reply:

    How soon before you can take a pregnancy test? you should wait 2 weeks most times, it depends on what brand of pregnancy test you buy. When can you take a

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