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Is it ok to lay on you stomach when your pregnant?

When you are farther along in your pregnancy, it’s more difficult to lay on your stomach so it’s best to avoid it! ! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Sharleen Reply:

    In early pregnancy, you can still work your abs safely, and there are several it is important to maintain strong stomach muscles during pregnancy that can keep the To perform them, lie on your back, place your feet flat on the ground and Detail:

  2. Lorita Reply:

    Sleeping on your stomach while pregnant depends on how far along you are. Some women find it more comfortable sleeping on their stomachs.

  3. Clelia Reply:

    Sleeping on your stomach is fine and poses no danger to the fetus. You can sleep in any position. Thanks! More:

  4. Yasmine Reply:

    Your body will protect the lil thing and when your belly gets hard you will not lay on it anyways since it will be too uncomfortable. Just listen to what your body is telling you. It’s all common sense really. More:

  5. Mia Reply:

    There’s no set time to stop sleeping on your stomache. Doctors recommend to stop when It’s uncomfortable. I started wondering the same thing at 17 weeks. I’m now 23 weeks and I still try to sleep on my stomache. It’s really hard for me to g… More:

  6. Antionette Reply:

    Can I lay on my stomach? 36 weeks pregnant? I just laid down next over on my stomach, my chest was on the to my dog and rolled blanket, (maybe 1.5 inch high) and I felt a sudd

  7. Maryland Reply:

    It is perfectly safe to lay on your stomach as long as if comfortable! Soon it really will be uncomfortable so you may want to experienment with new ways to sleep! But as long as you are comfortable there is no danger to your child at all! They are very safe in there, especially in the first two trimesters!

  8. Yolonda Reply:

    It is safe to sleep on your stomach when you first get pregnant, but it will become very uncomfortable for you to continue sleeping that way. Later in pregnancy it

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