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Is it possible to still have a menstrual cycle during pregnancy?

Pregnant women sometimes have their periods during the first couple of months of pregnancy! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Daisey Reply:

    It is not possible to have a heavy period and be pregnant. Experiencing light Can One Have a Heavy Period & Still Be Pregnant?thumbnail Can One Have a Detail:

  2. Felecia Reply:

    It is not your regular period, it is vaginal bleeding. A period is impossible when you are on your period.

  3. Torri Reply:

    The menstrual cyle is the shedding of the uterine lining that would otherwise have housed a growing embryo in pregnancy. When a woman becomes pregnant, that uterine lining is necessary to house the new embryo and is retained inside the womb… More:

  4. Aimee Reply:

    One of the most common signs that you’re pregnant is a missed menstrual period. Although you may be familiar with this sign of pregnancy, many women don’t understand exactly why the menstrual cycle ceases during the months of pregnancy. The… More:

  5. Ngoc Reply:

    The first thing most women notice when they are pregnant is a missed menstrual cycle. It is a balance of hormones from the thyroid that controls the natural cycle each month when there is no pregnancy. These hormones are naturally increased… More:

  6. Reatha Reply:

    pre-pregnancy I had a regular menstrual cycle. Post pregnancy I have had a 2 week period? Is this normal?

  7. Mirella Reply:

    I agree!!!I didnt ever have any bleeding durring pregnancy at all! Other than my miscarriage of course!

  8. Annelle Reply:

    Also, if you still insist that it is your period, then have your doctor complete another pregnancy test No, it is not possible to be pregnant and have your period.

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