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What are the very first sign’s of pregnancy?

The very first signs of pregnancy are sore breasts, fatigue, nausea, headaches, dizziness, constipation, and mood swings! Any Suggestions here?


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  20. Linnie Reply:

    Very First Sign of Pregnancy. The very first sign of pregnancy can bring a sense of wonder and concern. The first sign can be a solitary symptom or multiple Detail:

  21. Allyn Reply:

    You’ve just had great sex while ovulating. :)

  22. Barbar Reply:

    For many women the first sign of pregnancy is a missed period. Other signs might include sore/tender breasts, morning sickness, fatigue, or frequent urination. You can find more information here:… More:

  23. Sima Reply:

    First you will notice some light spotting and this can be due when implantation occurs. It usually happens before your menstruation period. usually you will see a pinkish or brownish color and this is completely normal. You will also see a … More:

  24. Noreen Reply:

    Some early signs of pregnancy can be a feeling of fatigue ,spotting ,and tender breasts. You will know for sure when a period is missed or you take a home pregnancy test. More:

  25. Belva Reply:

    could these be the pregnancy signs since january i was due i been waiting months for pregnancy? Hi me and my husband? are these signs of early are ttc and have been to ovulate

  26. Chu Reply:

    Usually pre menstrual symptoms mimic pregnancy signs, you usually (in my case anyway) have the normal bloating, sore breasts and mood swings before you have your period but you just dont come on!If you think you could be pregnant then I think there are tests around that can give you a result very early after unprotected sex but I am not sure how reliable they are!

  27. Jesenia Reply:

    Abdominal bloating, urination and belching are early signs of pregnancy -all are very big signs for me. They were in my case. I had these signs on the second

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