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How do You Avoid Getting a Computer Virus

You may have such questions as How Do Computers Acquire Viruses and How To Avoid Getting A Computer Virus,or you may also seek several helpful information about How To Avoid Getting A Virus Attack On Your Computer. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Types of Computer Viruses,too. Read more as following:

You can avoid getting a computer virus by making sure that you have anti virus protection software installed on your computer. Do not visit any sites that you are not sure about.

How do computers acquire viruses?

Computers can acquire viruses from emails (harmful attachments), documents, infected computer software. This is why it's strongly important to keep an eye out for what you're downloading on the internet. teh interwebs... More »

How to avoid getting a computer virus?

1. Get good antivirus protection, and keep it updated. There are lots of antivirus programs out there, and you should have one installed, and get updates regularly. AVG and Avast are good options if you want free protection, or you can go with a paid... More »

How to avoid getting a virus attack on your computer?

1. Have two log-in accounts, one normal and one administrator. One should have very low privileges and should not be able to install any software. Use this for your daily browsing or other activities. Do not use your administrator log-in for regular... More »

How to avoid computer viruses?

1. Make sure you always have updated anti virus software and a running firewall .I know this seem simple and most people already have it, but it helps a lot.There are many firewall applications you can get online for free. 2. Make sure your browser o... More »

How to avoid getting a virus on your computer?

1. Be careful on downloading files. Unless if it's iTunes, or something like that. Some Internet Files have viruses and keyloggers embedded inside them, which could ruin your computer. Read. Are-Downloading-Is-Safe this wikiHow. on how to spot a scam... More »

How to Get Rid of Computer Virus?

If your computer is sick and has got a virus, don't panic, most viruses are quite easily removed. The first thing you will need to do is update your antivirus software, and run a full system scan. If you do not have antivirus software, there are many... More »


  1. Carrie Reply:

    To avoid getting viruses, can you just get the picture you see on google images and save it, without actually going to the website?

  2. Veronica Reply:

    I just want to make sure because regular porn gives my computer viruses.

  3. Anne Reply:

    I’m considering downloading Limewire to get music. I’m sick of paying a dollar a song >.<. I have a PC. If I download Limewire, what precautions would I have to take to avoid a virus? My parents would kill me if I infected the computer.

  4. Bryson Reply:

    I thought all virus protection software would protect my computer? What websites would you avoid to prevent from getting a virus? When repairing can a computer tech know where the virus came from?

  5. Konstantinos Reply:

    I know many computers are affected by computer viruses and I want to guard my computer against them and I know there are probably some free good anti virus protection programs out there.

  6. Lian Reply:

    My friends told me that myspace is filled with virsus’s. Help, please!

  7. Xmedicalbreakthrewx Reply:

    I was wondering how people get the virus and how can you avoid it…..because i dont want it to get on my computer

  8. Lovely Dork Reply:

    What are the different types of computer viruses? And what do they do?

  9. Karla Reply:

    i just got a new computer and i was wondering what websites give u viruses. and btw do u think would pornhub has viruses?

  10. Cheya Reply:

    What is the one and only solution to avoid from getting infect virus to my computer?

  11. Ben B Reply:

    How do you get viruses?

  12. Rebekah Salt Reply:

    I would like to share software programs with Ares or Limewire, but anytime I do, my computer gets a major virus… is there any way to avoid getting viruses when downloading software programs? why do I get these viruses, anyway?

  13. Derpina Reply:

    Which sites should I avoid from getting viruses? ways to prevent from getting viruses. Any advice?

  14. Leonardtheredbetta Reply:

    I always end up messing up my computers. I just got another one and want to know how I can avoid getting spyware, viruses, etc. I use my computer basically for scool things, music, and photoshop.

  15. Keaton Brock Reply:

    I find that when i get computer viruses i get so worried that i end up making myself sick. so i need to get a vaccine to prevent this. is there anything i can do?

  16. Stu Reply:

    I haven’t got a computer virus but it’s for my homework.

    I have looked on the internet and all it came up with was a firewall.

    Are there any other ways?

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