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How can I Make my Skin Thicker

You may have such questions as What Foods Make Skin Thicker and How To Make Thin Skin Thicker,or you may also seek several helpful information about What Is The Inner Thicker Layer Of Skin. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Thicken Your Skin,too. Read more as following:

If you would like for your skin to become thicker there isn’t anything you can do on your own. Try contacting a dermatologist to see if they have any recommendations.

How to make thin skin thicker?

1. Purchase an anti-aging cream that includes the ingredients alpha-lipoic acid or vitamin C ester. You may even be able to find some creams that contain both. Dermatologist and professor of medicine Nicholas Perricone, MD, advises that these two ing... More »

What is the inner thicker layer of skin?

You probably mean the dermis.... More »

Which skin is thicker a man or a woman's?

Men generally have thicker skin than woman.... More »

Why is skin thicker on hands and feet?

skin is thicker on your feet... More »

What is the thicker layer of skin called?

I think the lower skin part is the epidermis?? the higher layer is Dermis.... More »


  1. Javier Reply:

    The above question says it wall, when you buy a fresh bunch of bananas, the skin is thick and the content (the edible part) is quite thin. Few days later, the skin is thinner and there is more of the edible part. Why is this?

  2. Lisa R Reply:

    I have dark circles under my eyes due to having veins and due to it being hereditary. I wanted to know if smoking marijuana would reduce the dark circles or make the skin thicker under my eyes. Please NO answer like drink water, get good sleep, because Its hereditary not due to lack of sleep.

  3. Robert Gifford Reply:

    does anyone know a good method to get rid of testicular zits ?that are covered in a layer of skin too thick to pop. They are white from the top and hurt when you squeeze them.They sometimes pop and white puss comes out first then blood. The puss is thick.

  4. Christine Gray Reply:

    What is a good makeup look for ballet class? I want something classy, but young, and won’t sweat off. What can I use? Tips? Hints? Colors?

    PS I have fair skin, thick dark hair and eyebrows, full lips, and green/blue eyes.

  5. Matt Reply:

    Im looking for vitamins that will help make skin stronger, thicker, and produce more collagen. I get stretchmarks and acne, and I know theres something that I could benefit from in a vitamin. I already take a multi, but I want to hear from someone thats educated in vitamins/ health. Thanks!

  6. Rahmath Reply:

    I want/ need thicker skin on my hands, i know, weird question but are there any excersizes or minerals or just anything that can make skin thicker?

  7. Mrs. Shadows (a7x) Reply:

    I’ve had it for about a year now. It’s been bumped and has been caught on stuff, as I would assume normal. The skin between the two piercings seems to be getting thinner and it’s quite tender to touch. Is there anything I can do to make the skin thicker? Or keep it more healthy?

  8. Alishaa Reply:

    I am only 21. I am NOT overweight. What can i do to make them harder and the skin thicker?
    Come on there is got to be a way to make them firmer? I mean im not saggin to my waste like someone tried to ask, but they did go down a little. I want them to salute the sun again.

  9. Anne Reply:

    like if you have a job that has alot to do with working with your hands, the skin becomes thicker, why is that? and so if you get a massage often, will your skin be thicker?

  10. Jasper Reply:

    Normally it’s used to all that nasty hair covering it & protecting it from whatever.
    But when you shave your pubic hair does the skin get thicker or tougher?

  11. Emma Reply:

    I play guitar. So I was wondering how to make my finger’s skin thicker. So it hurts less.

  12. Mf91 Reply:

    Im not gonna go on and on and on short and simple ok..i had a bad ring circumcision at birth and the skin on my penis is really really thin but where the circumcision is its about 10times thinner and its very noticeable is there any scientific way to make this skin thicker? tougher? stronger..??

  13. Katie Girl Reply:

    My ex raps. And he wrote me a song and it said shes a long hair light skin thick redbone. I have noooo idea what that means! What does it mean? Im not black if that helps, but he was.
    Actually he did write it for me, it has our story and my name in it .
    So im sure its for me

  14. Sophie Reply:

    How can I make my skin thicker so you can’t see the veins underneath my eyes? I wasn’t born like this or anything and I’m not old I’m only 16, I think the cause may have been rubbing my eyes a lot from when I used to have really bad allergies? Pleasse help concealer does not help!

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