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How do I Make Homemade Lotion

You may have such questions as How To Make Homemade Lotion and How To Label Homemade Lotion,or you may also seek several helpful information about How To Make Homemade Moisturizing Lotion. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Recipes for Homemade Hand Body Lotions,too. Read more as following:

To make homemade lotion you need lotion base oil, emulsifying wax, water and essential oils. You then mix these ingredients together and microwave them. Then store in a bottle.

How to make homemade lotions?

1. Choose a lotion oil base that reflects what you want the lotion to do. Coconut oil is great for soft skin. Almond oil is lightweight and has very little natural smell. You can even use regular canola or vegetable oil to make a homemade lotion. If... More »

How to label homemade lotion?

1. Sketch a rough design using pencil and paper. Design a few labels until you choose something you like. 2. Jot down what you want included on your label. Important things to remember might include lotion ingredients, name of the lotion, type of lot... More »

How to make homemade moisturizing lotion?

1. Heat a few inches of water on medium heat in the bottom portion of a double boiler. Combine the liquid oil, the solid oil and the grated beeswax in the top portion of the double boiler. Stir until everything is melted and combined. Make sure the t... More »

How to make homemade body lotions?

1. Make basic homemade lotion. Mix borax and water in a medium bowl. Use a whisk or hand mixer. Warm the olive oil in a small bowl in the microwave. Using a hand mixer slowly add warmed olive oil. Mix until all ingredients are added and an emulsion f... More »

How to make homemade cooling lotion?

1. Put the aloe vera gel in a wide-mouth glass jar with a tight-fitting lid. 2. Add the chamomile essential oil and vitamin E cream and stir with a small wooden spoon or disposable stirrer. 3. Add the shea butter and mix thoroughly to combine. Store... More »

How to make homemade lotion bars?

1. Add the soy butter, coconut oil, borax and water to a glass bowl. 2. Heat the bowl in the microwave for two minutes. 3. Add the wax to the other bowl and heat it in the microwave for two minutes. 4. Mix the bowl of heated oil and water with the ha... More »


  1. Eliza Reply:

    Can beeswax sold for scrap booking also be used to make things like homemade lotions or lotion bars? Is beeswax just beeswax no matter what it is labeled as?

  2. Pit Bulls Are Great Dogs Reply:

    I’ve been making diaper cream for my little one from oil, beeswax and cocoa butter. Cleaning the blender attachments and glass jars used for the lotion isn’t easy. Does anyone have any tips to clean these things without using nasty chemicals?

  3. Jaz Reply:

    I have had a lot of homework lately and friend problems so I would like to have a spa day. Please write what is relaxing, and a homemade lotion to make your hands softer or something. Thanks!

  4. Amanda Huang Reply:

    I have really white skin and it’s sensitive so please post your homemade sunless tanning lotion recipes and why you recommend them.

  5. Bighos Reply:

    I basically want to take the flowers from my vine and somehow extract the oil to use in a homemade lotion. I mainly want to use them for the scent. Any ideas on doing this.
    Thanks :-)

  6. Claudia Reply:

    I make a simple lotion with aloe vera juice, olive oil (cold-pressed), and soy lecithin. What would the shelf life be with this lotion? How would I tell if I need to throw it out?
    If the oil seperates from the aloe vera juice does that mean it’s time to throw it away?

  7. Aubrey Cochran Reply:

    I’ve been looking for a homemade tanning lotion to try and most of the sites I have visited say to use coco powder and lotion. However, I’m worried that it will just wash off. Has anyone tried it or have any other suggestions for a homemade tan?

  8. Shay Reply:

    So I’m planning to make homemade body lotion and I just want to know where to find fragrance oils that’s safe for sensitive skin?

  9. Kome Reply:

    I am in the Seattle area and am making some natural body lotions and want to find a store that sells essential oils, cocoa butter, almond oil, glycerin, beeswax, rose hips and other such things to make homemade lotions. Thanks.

  10. Martin Reply:

    Homemade Lotion

  11. Hector Reply:

    We need to find an alternative for beeswax ib making lotion. Can homemade lotion be made without any beeswax?
    What are the purpose of beeswax in making lotion?

  12. Cute Reply:

    Are there any homemade lotions or tricks u can use to quickly get rid of a sunburn?

  13. Jill Reply:

    I thought about selling homemade lotion all natural,possibly for men like shaving cream,lotion,etc. It may be for women too. But I didn’t want to stick out in society to look like something I’m not. If you know what I mean.

  14. Cesar Reply:

    I want to start a business selling homemade lotion, but I want to know what should I do to start, and I give free samples to people on the street.

  15. Marybeth Reply:

    I am trying to make homemade lotion and teh recipe called for stearic acid, but i dont know where to buy it. I live in California so does anyone know where to find it?

  16. Philip Reply:

    I am making homemade lotion and I need to thicken it up. can I use the pectin? What about corn starch? I don’t really want to use Borax. Thanks.

  17. Abinaya Reply:

    My mom just left and in the car i left my tanning spray. I want to tan outside, Is there any homemade lotion or can I just use Olive Oil?

  18. T Man Reply:

    I would like to learn how to make homemade body lotions, soaps, shower gels and other beauty products. Does anyone know of any websites containing that kind of info?

  19. Tatertotty Reply:

    I would like to make my own homemade lotions but I don’t want to make anything that will spoil or go bad in a few weeks. I’m thinking of simply adding essential oils to unscented body creams, but that’s no fun! *lol* Any ideas of what I can use to preserve the lotions?

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