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How do You Put on Blush

You may have such questions as What Causes a Person to Blush and What Makes People Blush,or you may also seek several helpful information about Why Do People Blush. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to How Do I Apply Blush,too. Read more as following:

The best way to put on blush is to apply it to the apples of the cheeks. You can find the apples by smiling; the part that pops up is the area for which you will apply the brush.

What Causes a Person to Blush?

A persons emotions cause the blush. When they feel those emotions, perhaps being embarrassed or excited, the blood rushes to the surface of the skin, causing the blush to be seen.... More »

What makes people blush?

When you feel embarrassed, the body releases adrenaline. As a result, the veins in your face dilate, allowing more blood to flow through them than usual.... More »

Why do people blush?

embarrassed. and blood just goes to your cheeks. and ya guys can blush. mine? ... More »

How to put blush on cheeks?

1. Smooth a light moisturizer over your entire face, paying special attention to your cheeks. Dry blush will enhance any dry or flaky patches, and moisturizer will soothe the places that powdered blush might highlight. Allow the moisturizer to sink i... More »

Why do humans blush?

We are the only primate that turns red when feeling shame or guilt. Perhaps this kept early humans honest and led to our social success.... More »

How to put on blush?

1. Pick the color that suits your face the best. The natural color of your cheeks when flushed is the best option, and to find this simply pinch your cheeks and wait a few minutes to see the color that appears. If pain is not your thing, skip this ti... More »


  1. Cierra Reply:

    I didn’t realize how it would turn out when i started putting the blush on my freya doll.
    Now it looks like crap. I don’t know it’s the material the doll is made out of or if I just suck at putting blush on a doll.
    SO how can I get it all off?
    thank you

  2. Isha Reply:

    i am light skinned and have a <3 shaped face. i was wondering if anyone knew a shade/ way i could put on (blush) without looking like a clown?

  3. Constanlene Reply:

    when i put on blush some areas are left without coverage, i put on lotion first and when i apply it certain spots on my face don’t hold the blush? What am i doing wrong? I have tried wearing foundation just around my cheeks, and i have even bought a new make up brush.

  4. Linzey Reply:

    i really like certain colored lipsticks but i dunno if it will seem like im trying too hard. I dont wear much makeup. I usually just put blush and sometimes lipgloss. But that’s usually it.

  5. Natalie Landsberg Reply:

    I wear full coverage foundation and once I have it in place I don’t want it to budge because of leftover acne spots. If I use a makeup brush to put on blush or bronzer, will it rub off my foundation??? Thanks!

  6. Pythonminion Reply:

    I put blush, and I tried finder a face primer, but I couldn’t. would a moisturizer act as one? idk. feel free to share your suggestions

  7. Sk8trboy650 Reply:

    I’ve read you can put blush lining your chhin? Is there anything else or any good makeup I could buy for it?
    I am NOT fat. I weigh 102 pounds, its just that I have a chubby face, kindof.

  8. Mark S Reply:

    I know this is kind of a stupid question to ask, but people say that it is ok to put blush on ur eyes. I think that this is true too but I am just making sure. So, is it? Or is it not?

  9. Marcello Reply:

    I’m playing that game on my Nintendo DS and I don’t know how to put on blush!!!! help?

  10. Zebidee Reply:

    I put blush everyday and i dont take it off before i go to sleep :$ is this bad?

  11. Aubrey Cochran Reply:

    i dont understand when they say put the highlighter/bronzer above the cheek bone and then putting the blush…i want to look like celebirtys but its confusing how they explain it please help!!!!

  12. Dom Reply:

    I am very pale, but I want to have naturally reddish cheeks without having to pinch them, or put blush on them. What can I do to make my body naturally produce a red pigment for my cheeks?

    Thank you!

  13. Brian Reply:

    Can i wear blush by itself or do i have to put on more make-up? I just want to put blush on and no foundation, my friend said i have to wear foundation to even out my complexion, Also what is the white stuff people put on their eyes before applying eye shadow?

  14. Tom Brady Reply:

    I don’t know much about the right ways to put on make up, well I learned some from videos. So will I get a rash if I put on blush, for example, the dream mousse blush after face powder? And does face powder work as a foundation?

  15. Bigg Reply:

    I can’t seem to put on blush properly ! People say to put it on your cheek bones but I can’t find my cheek bones -.-
    so do you guys have anytips or tricks to put blush on ? or find your cheek bones?
    video’s and pictures would be appreciated (:

  16. Barca Reply:

    I have naturally rosy cheeks and I would like to know how I should put blush on or if I even should. Also what colors should I use so it doesn’t look too rosy red if you know what I mean.

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