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How does Exercise Help Your Body

You may have such questions as Why Is Exercise Good For The Body and How Does Exercise Affect The Body,or you may also seek several helpful information about How Does Exercise Affect The Human Body. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to How Does Exercise Help Your Health,too. Read more as following:

Exercise can help you body by keeping your body in great shape. It helps to keep your body from becoming unhealthy and it can help to make you have a longer life.

Why is Exercise Good for the Body?

Exercise is vital for our bodies. Exercise improves our balance, helps with our reaction times, increases flexibility, improves memory and psychological health. Exercise also lowers blood pressure and cholesterol, boosts the immune system, and streng... More »

How does Exercise Affect the Body?

Exercise is simple. In order to work, your body burns calories. In order to burn calories, your heart has to be at a certain rate. When your heart beats, and pumps oxygen, your body uses calories as fuel. Hence the weight loss!... More »

How does Exercise Affect the Human Body?

Exercise is so beneficial. It can stimulate muscle growth and endurance, an it conditions the heart (also a muscle, so think endurance). It enhances balance. Whether vigorous or gentle exercise, it optimizes hormone levels and enables the body to mor... More »

What exercises can help you improve your body mass index?

Determine your BMI by first getting an accurate measure of your height and weight. Convert pounds into kilograms (there are 2.2 pounds in one kilogram) and convert your height in feet into meters (one foot equals 0.30 meters) Square your metric heigh... More »

How does Iron Help the Body?

Iron is used by the body to produce red blood cells. It is used in the production of hemoglobin. Hemoglobin carries oxygen through the body. Without sufficient iron, our tissues, muscles and organs don't get enough oxygen and can't function properly.... More »

How does magnesium help the body?

Magnesium is essential to maintain a healthy lifestyle. It helps the immune system and keeps your heart healthy by preventing heart disease. It helps with muscle development and function. It also helps support healthy blood sugar levels and helps pre... More »


  1. Jenn Reply:

    Hi there, I’ve bought a treadmill and a Pilates machine – I believe that together they will exercise my legs and core muscles. Now I just need something to exercise my upper body muscles. Any ideas? Would dumbells do it?

  2. Sunny Reply:

    i am doing a sam learning exercise on body functions, and its mentioned: ‘the main sources of heat within the body are the liver and muscles’. I understand the muscles (movement causes friction and therefore thermal heat), but the liver i don’t seem to understand. help please?

  3. Elisabeth Mb Reply:

    I am 40s, Men, What is the best exercise to reduce body cholesterol & to reduce body weight? What type of food suitable for the same target?

  4. Shawn Freshwater Fish Reply:

    I do a fight club type thing, and it requires strength training with heavy weight along with exercises like body weight exercises, explosive squats etc. You need an adequate amount of rest to gain any progress. So is there any way that I would be able to efficiently balance these two out?

  5. Steve Angelillo Reply:

    I need to know all of the exercises that Bruce Lee used to exercise his body.

  6. Lori Reply:

    okay, so are there any exercises / body training techniques that could make a teenage male achieve a more female body? not breasts or anything, but more stomach and hips. (without hormones)
    btw, i’m transgender, i need some actual tips not smart-ass remarks XD

  7. Bevzi Reply:

    When I do exercises (ex:leg exercises) when I move on to another exercise my body becomes weak and I collapse to the point there is no strength in my leg for me to continue. I want to stop my body from doing that.. How would I be able to make myself continue?

  8. What The Smurf Reply:

    With exercise, our body must perform many movements. Describe what happens to the muscle during and after strenuous activity. I expect you to reference Oxygen use, as well as why a muscle get to be �sore� following exercise

  9. Babygirl Reply:

    My lower legs are very thin, though my thighs are okay. How can I tone up my leg? I have read that when we exercise, body to chooses where to burn fat from. I am afraid doing leg exercise will make my lower leg thinner. :( Is it so?

  10. Cierra Reply:

    while exercising, body temperature is caused by cellular respiration or the burning of fats? please elaborate as to why that would happen if it is because of the fat.

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