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How Long can a Outdoor Tan Last

You may have such questions as How Long Does a Natural Tan Last and How To Get A Good Tan Outdoors,or you may also seek several helpful information about How Can I Lose a Tan Fast. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to How Long Does a Sunless Tan Last,too. Read more as following:

An outdoor tan will last about a week or two, but not much longer. It will start to fade after about a week or so. You can prolong it by getting an indoor tan.

How long does a natural tan last?

A natural tan will usually last a few weeks. By the fourth week it will be pretty mu...... More »

How to Get a Good Tan Outdoors?

To get a good tan outdoors, its best to use a good tanning lotion. Also lay outdoors during the peak hours which are between 11 a.m. and 4 p.m. Lay where the sun hits you at the best angle.... More »

How to lose a tan fast?

Ι think it's better seeing a doctor in person to answer this kind of questions... More »

How to tan faster outdoors?

Video Transcript. Hi, I'm Harvey Woodyatt, I'm owner of Perfect Tan here in Orem, Utah. We're a full service tanning salon. We have over 20 tanning beds, and a state of the art spray-on system, like I'm standing next to here. People often ask me, you... More »

How Long does a Tan Last?

A pray tan usually lasts up to a week. A tanning bed tan lasts for several weeks, as does a natural tan. There are many products, such as lotions, on the market that can prolong these results.... More »

How to get a dark tan outdoors?

1. Get a base tan, either in a tanning bed or outdoors, before switching to dark tanning oils. It is important to prepare your skin before going in the sun if you really want to achieve dark results. Start in small increments, using an SPF of 15 or h... More »


  1. Candyluvr Reply:

    Looking for a tanning oil that will make my skin much darker. I’m ONLY looking for quality, honestly price does NOT matter. I’ll take expensive products if they work. Thanks.
    I’m going to be getting a natural tan btw.
    im not looking for lotions, just oils. Thanks.

  2. Jeanasbaq-jeejee Jeanasbaq Reply:

    Do I really need to use an indoor specific lotion?
    I know that certain outdoor lotions can cause damage to the surface of a tanning bed- but I’m using a stand up booth.

  3. Bunny W Reply:

    I live in Virginia. What is the best time to lay out in the sun. How do I get really dark tan, really fast. Graduation is in 3 weeks and my mom won’t let me go to the tanning salon. I want a really good tan for graduation. And do you have any other tips?

  4. Cortex Reply:

    The porch was once covered by indoor/outdoor carpet, but it is now just nailed down sheets of new plywood. Can we just paint and seal it? Should we replace it with smaller wood planks? Any suggestion is appreciated!

  5. Supernova2013 Reply:

    We are having an outdoor Hawaiian themed party in our backyard. Lots of little kids will be attending the party as well as adults. We need some good ideas for games/activities. Thank you!

  6. Jazzeei Lady Reply:

    It’s finally nice so I’m tanning in the backyard, I want to know what sun tanning lotion gets you darker fastest, and makes the longest lasting tan

  7. Juyune Reply:

    I usually tan rather quickly since I am spanish, but what is an oil/spray/lotion that will make me very dark? I’ve been working out lately and I love how tans bring out your body’s definition and slim you more.

    Any tips, products, tricks to get dark? THANKS :))))

  8. Siamese Fighter Reply:

    How long does a tan (from the sun, not from products) last? Also, when is the best time to sunbathe?

  9. Sonicfan Reply:

    I recently went tanning at a tanning salon and I went about 3 days a week for 2 months and I got a nice tan. After about 3 weeks of not going anymore (because my package ran out) my color is almost gone! It seems like a tan from the actual sun lasts much longer. Is this true? And if so, why?

  10. Taubra Reply:

    Do they last for a while? Do you have to apply every day? Is it better that outdoor tanning lotions?

  11. Esycompany Reply:

    My natural skin tone is beige, and it’s pretty light. Over the summer Ive gotten really tan though.

    I was wondering how long it will last since I prefer my natural skin tone better.

  12. Sammy101 Reply:

    My natural skin tone is beige, and it’s pretty light. Over the summer Ive gotten really tan though.

    I was wondering how long it will last since I prefer my natural skin tone better.

  13. Kong Kong Reply:

    I have slightly olive colored skin so I will not burn unless u spend 3+ hours in the sun straight. I also need to get a nice even golden tan before school starts that lasts a long time. Any ideas of tanning oils to use outdoor tanning? Thanks!!!

  14. Kendall Reply:

    I want a new tanning lotion that would make me dark NOT ORANGE! right now, I’m yellowish.
    How long does the dark tan last?
    Can I used it on my face?
    Would it clog my pores?

  15. Nea Reply:

    I was wondering if indoor tanning fades quicker than outdoor tanning. If so, how much faster? Please, no comments about skin cancer or they will be reported/flagged. I’d just like someone to be professional about this and help me to find the answer to my question! Thank you!

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