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How Long Should I Sun Tan

You may have such questions as How do I Get Tan Fast With the Sun and How To Sun Tan Safely,or you may also seek several helpful information about How To Get A Sun Tan. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Sun Tan City,too. Read more as following:

It is actually recommended that you do not suntan at all. You should choose other options like spray tanning to reduce the risk of getting skin cancer.

How do I Get Tan Fast With the Sun?

There isn't anyway to speed up your body's natural tanning process. You should use a low SPF lotion to keep you from burning. This will help you get tan and not lobster red. Just spend some time in the sun everyday and you will notice a difference.... More »

How to sun tan safely?

1. Make sure you have all the sun block and lotions you need when going out in the sun or to the beach. Choose a 20+ sunblock for extra care and protection. 2. Try to avoid shaving before tanning. When you apply the sun tan lotion it might cause irri... More »

How to get a sun tan?

1. Thirty minutes before tanning, you would want to spread tanning lotion all around your body. For people with darker skin, you would want to use a SPF of 8-10. People with lighter colored skin should use stronger SPF. 2. Tan each side of the body f... More »

How to get a quick sun tan?

1. First you are going to want to plan on basking in the sun's rays. Not to worry the time spent sun tanning will not take to long and soon you will be able to get back to your daily routine with a nice tan and not having to pay to go to the tanning... More »

What are the benefits of sun tanning oil?

Long a dietary staple of tropical cultures, coconuts and the oil they produce is thought by these communities to have healing properties. Most commercially produced suntan oils have a coconut oil base that may help skin abscesses and burns heal, soot... More »

How to get a darker tan in the sun?

1. Exfoliate your skin completely. This step ensures that all dead skin cells are removed, giving a more even tan. You can use a loofah but do not scrub too hard. A body wash cream with exfoliating beads used in conjunction with a bath poof is a bett... More »


  1. Stardust00 Reply:

    I am going away in a few weeks and I hate my skin, I dont have it as bad as some but it brings my self esteem down looking at it. If so what would be good a sun tan lotion as well? Please help.

  2. Abby Reply:

    I have a really bad sock tan and its so bad! Im naturally tan and my sock tan is white! So I recently bought the Banana Boat Deep Tanning Lotion. Well with any sun tan lotion, how long does it usually take to get a tan? Like a week?

  3. Pythonminion Reply:

    I got a sun tan but i like pale skin better.

  4. Saphira Reply:

    well i went to the beach today and i got a tan when i didnt want to get one.. well anyways, i dont like my skin color now because its a lot darker and its uneven in places. well i really want to get rid of this sun tan as fast as possible. pleasee pleasee help!

  5. April A Reply:

    Just wondering how long it would take to get a sun tan if you sit in the sun and it’s about 20 degrees not to go real red just a nice brown

  6. Whatwho Reply:

    What are the negative effects of sun tanning apart from causing cancer?
    I have a termpaper to submit and my topic is ”Sun tanning should be discouraged’, so i need points to support my argument. Will be glad if i get help.Thanks

  7. Dark Matter Reply:

    Lol just like my question, i just got a tattoo, so how long do i have to wait till i can get a sun tan?

  8. Kelsey Peyton Reply:

    I’m originally really pinkish/yellowish white and quite pale, but I have this really weird sun tan. How do I get rid of it quickly and how long do you think it will stay?
    It’s a sun tan from playing outdoor sports and swimming.

  9. Tekere Reply:

    I just started sun tanning. I’ve only sun tanned twice before. Im wondering how long i should tan for each day. My mom says about 20 minutes each side (stomach up and stomach down), but i think i might need to be out there longer.

  10. Lossera Reply:

    I got a bad sun tan this summer. It looks like I am wearing long gloves. How can I get rid of it?

  11. Katy Reply:

    I love my sun tanned skin and I wanna have it for as long as possible, does anyone have any tips? Cheers!

  12. Lastevia Reply:

    How can you make a tan last longer without the use of beds and sprays etc, and how long does a normall sun tan last?

  13. Somanyquestions Reply:

    I got suntan lotion today. And I want to know how long to stay out in the sun tanning? And will I get sun burned? It only has SPF 8
    I got the “Coppertone Sunscreen Lotion SPF 8”

  14. Kgo. Reply:

    I am light skinned but I already have a slight tan but I want to tan longer. I have sun tan lotion (forgot SPF #) just need to know how long to be out.

  15. Sharmain Reply:

    I have a bottle of sun tan lotion that I have had for three years. Is it still good?

  16. Sadie Reply:

    Like I don’t want to sun burnt, get sun cancer or anything so for everyday how long should I sun tan for?

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