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How Much is La Weight Loss

You may have such questions as What Is La Weight Loss and What Is The La Weight Loss System,or you may also seek several helpful information about Does La Weight Loss Really Work. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to La Weight Loss Recipes,too. Read more as following:

If you would like to lose weight fast. The LA Weight Loss System can help you do just that. It boosts up your metabolism so fast causing you to lose up to 9lbs in 7 days. It’s affordable too.

What is La Weight Loss?

LA Weight Loss is a program that is tailored to each person. It included the appropriate portions of vegetables, fruits, proteins and dairy. There are also soy-protein bars that are used in the program. LA Weight Loss has many clinics across the worl... More »

What is the La Weight Loss System?

Unlike many programs, LA Weightloss is not a prepacked meal program. The program focuses on one-on-one sessions that teach you how to prepare food, control portions and exercise for long term success. ... More »

Does LA Weight Loss really work?

My ex wife used to work for LA weight loss.She had brought the plan home for me to look at since I have done so much research on nutrition.Not only is this the best plan I've ever seen but many of the people that she used to work with really seemed t... More »

How does La Weight Loss Work?

L.A. weight loss is a supervised weight loss program that involves counseling and reducing the amount of food you consume. It would be best to give them a call to determine whether you need to purchase special foods or if any medications are involved... More »

How Much does La Weight Loss Cost

The LA weight loss program costs $259.99 for the success system or $189.99 for the total weight loss program. Each package contains juices, vitamins, bars and meals on the go and run from 1 to 5 weeks. For more information see here: ... More »

What Causes Weight Loss?

Losing weight without being on a diet or reducing your calories is very serious. It could be a sign that you have diabetes, crohn's disease or worse still cancer. If you start to lose weight fast for no reason then go to your doctor immediately.... More »


  1. Love Reply:

    I’m a 57-year-old female, 5’7″, weighing about 200 pounds. I am a member of LA Weight Loss – working diligently at eating the right foods. How many days a week, for how long, at what incline, etc., do I need to use the treadmill before I begin to see my body start taking back its shape?

  2. Brodie Reply:

    Example: low carb, weight watchers, jenny craig, la weight loss.

    I’m having a hard time deciding what diet to do. I need some success stories to help me out. Can you give me how much you lost and the time frame.

  3. Crazyfromla Reply:

    I’m only a teenager and I’ve always wanted to lose weight because I’d say I’m over 50 pounds over weight and I don’t have enough money in the family to go on a slimfast diet or LA weight loss and i need some ideas of what to do.

  4. Mariah Giles Reply:

    Im already on LA weight loss and have done GREAT so Im not looking for a free way to do weight watchers. Im just curious about how many points I’d get if I were on weight watchers.

    Im 5 6” and weight 134.4 naked first thing in the am. lol.

    How do they decided?

  5. Mlefev Reply:

    on LA weight loss program since Oct. 31 and lost 20 pounds, but since December I cannot loss any more weight, no matter what I do.

  6. Annabel Reply:

    Can anyone tell me about their experience with LA Weight Loss?

    I’m very interested in signing up, but I’d like some reassurance from clients.

  7. Nika Reply:

    I’m trying to get a diary to right down everything that i eat from la weight loss. but i cant find it on the computer…

  8. Tony Reply:

    I have been going to the gym Mon-Fri twice a day burning usually 610 Calories at lunch and around 360 in the afternoon, I do not eat out or hardly any junk food but I have been the same weight for 4 months. Why? I have tried that LA Weight Loss, big waste of money!

  9. Raysu Reply:

    I have been researching different options of weight loss centers(Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, Nutrisystem, LA Weight Loss) They are all quite expensive. Weight Watchers being the least. Does anyone know of any that do not cost too much money but are still effective and provide support?

  10. Erik Reply:

    I would like to do the LA weight loss plan but can’t afford it. I need to loss weight and was told this was the diet to do. But its expensive and I am a on a limited income.

  11. Marla Reply:

    Customer service at La weight loss center keeps postponing my phone calls about refunding my money. What can i do to get them to give me back my money?

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