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How to Clear Your Face

You may have such questions as How To Clear Your Face and How To Clear The Skin On The Face,or you may also seek several helpful information about How To Get A Clear Face. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Clear Your Face Overnight,too. Read more as following:

You may clean your face using a clean water and a facial soap. Some are using facial cream and foaming wash to clean their face. You may also use a facial cleanser if water and soap is not available.

How to Clear Your Face

Clearing your face of things is easy and takes little things on your end to make your skin clear and healthy. Healthy skin makes one attractive and beautiful and it also helps people not see illness in you. Since skin is the tell tale sign of disease... More »

How to clear the skin on the face?

Video Transcript. I'm Dr. Rosalyn George from Wilmington Dermatology Center in Wilmington, North Carolina. And I'd like to give you some tips for clear skin. A lot of the population deals with acne, and having clear skin is really important. The firs... More »

How to get a clear face?

i dont think their is anything you can do to get pale skin. for the hair you could go to an electrolysis and have it removed. they use a laser and you make multiple appointments but it does permanently remove the hair after a certain number of appoin... More »

How to clear splotchy skin on the face?

1. See a dermatologist to rule out any skin cancers, rosacea or other conditions that may need treatment in a dermatologists office. A dermatologist might recommend a chemical peel to treat the splotchy. 2. Give yourself an over the counter glycolic... More »

How to clear dry skin on the face?

1. Drink the recommended amount of water every day (8 - 8 ounce glasses). You may even want to drink a few more glasses than recommended to start off treating your skin. 2. When taking a shower, use lukewarm water and shower for 15 minutes or less. D... More »

How to keep a clean & clear face?

1. Clean your face with a basic facial cleanser according to your skin type (dry, oily, combination). 2. Refresh your skin and deep clean pores by applying an astringent to the face and neck area after cleansing. Witch Hazel is a common natural astri... More »


  1. Lozza Reply:

    any ideas or tips to get an attractive face and a clearer face? will this help
    1.drinking lots of water
    2.i use this product called neutrogena
    3.sometimes proactive.

  2. Mikailak69 Reply:

    I wash my face my day everyday and night. I use exfoliating scrub and sometimes pimple cream.
    I still have pimples!
    How do I get rid of them and have a perfectly clear face for a long time?!

  3. Em Reply:

    I’m just wondering does anyone have any good tips for a clearer face?
    I got a party coming up.

  4. Hogmfte Reply:

    I use facial cleansers and I use clean and clear pimple remover things. I just want a clear face for school!!!!! D: any home remedies will work too thanks sooooo much

  5. Esmeralda Flores Reply:

    I bought this skin clearing facial mask & it’s suppose to help clear your face but my face is already pretty clear, I only have a few bumps.
    Should I just use it when I break out really bad or can I use it with a already clear face?

  6. Lioness Reply:

    I would like to know cause my face is starting to break out . And I want it to clear up before schools start (1week n 4 days) . Any ideas For wat I can use . Or tips how to keep a healthy clear face . Thank You ! xD

  7. Christopher Reply:

    i wet my face with warm water. then i scrub my face with clean and clear face wash. i brush my teeth and let the face wash soak while i brush. then i rinse. is this a good procedure?

    also how do i remove black heads on ur chin?

  8. Bryan Bentley Reply:

    I want to know how to get a clear face. I use proactive and it works but not completely. I have uneven skin tone and red spots on my face and i want to know how to get rid of it.
    Any home remedies or products that would work?

  9. Madison Miller Reply:

    how does she get such a clear face? my face is kinda clear from pimples but it still doesnt look clear enough. Why and how do i get a clear face like hers?i want it to look fresh, and yes im really young ok.

  10. Twinkles Reply:

    I´ve had acne for 4 years and Im tired of it. How can I get a clear face without using those products like Proactive of Clean & Clear?

  11. Sarah L Reply:

    How can I have a full clear face without spending lots of money on brand name creams? Commercials offered 100 kinds of creams, but I need a natural cream or treatment that I can afford. My skin is medium balances (not greasy or dry) please give me your best tip.

  12. (hronic Reply:

    Hi, I simply wanted to know if by getting rid of or shrinking all pores, would that mean the person’s face will be COMPLETELY clear. Or are there other factors that make a non clear face. I’m really trying to tackle all the things and get the best clear face i can get. Thanks a lot in advance.

  13. Abraam Reply:

    I just bought the clean and clear 3 in 1 exfoiliating cleanser, I also bought a clean and clear face wash. And i was wondering when do i use the face wash, do i use it on any given time or right after the acne medication?

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