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How to have Nice Skin

You may have such questions as How To Get A Nice Skin Tone and How To Get Nice Skin,or you may also seek several helpful information about How To Keep Your Skin Healthy And Nice. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Foods for Glowing Skin,too. Read more as following:

To have nice skin, you need to take care of your skin. Being on a healthy diet can really help your skin to be healthy. Washing your face twice a day can really help, too.

How to get a nice skin tone?

1. Use a daily face wash and moisturizer that is balanced for your skin type. Most skincare products are formulated for more than one type of skin and you can choose which one best fits your skin. For instance, for skin that is oily and plagued with... More »

How to get nice skin?

1. Use cucumbers for your eyes. Cucumbers is a classic way to remove the look of stress and/or bags from your eyes. If you want to use cucumbers, simply slice the cucumber in two thin slices. Save the rest, or make a healthy cucumber salad with it. O... More »

How to keep your skin healthy and nice?

1. Have confidence. ! Drink plenty of water- your skin is made of water so therefor, drinking more water will help your skin. 2. Try to keep your hair out of your face most of the time to prevent dirt and oil from sinking into your pores. 3. Avoid to... More »

How to have a nice skin after waxing or shaving?

1. Wax or shave your arms or legs or anywhere in your body. 2. shower or wash your body. To remove any wax or dirt. 3. Dry your body. 4. Apply olive oil all over your body. 5. Wear something. 6. Sleep overnight or just wait few hours so the skin abso... More »

What are some nice skins/themes for MediaWiki?

... More »

Why do fat people have nice skin?

: Drink 8-10 glasses of water everyday!:).-If your not able to drink Everyday then try drinking water dialluted juice (1 cup everyday) then slowly move on and start to drink water.... More »


  1. Julie Liu Reply:

    I want nice skin, and i wash every morning and nite (my face,that is). But i just have it bad on my chin. Everywhere else is fine. What should i do? Its not my diet either. I eat pretty healthy. So what to do?

  2. Kellie-louise Reply:

    I used to have really nice skin, but its always been oily. recently my skin has had many pimples and the pimples get really red. I need a reliable face wash to get rid of oil and blemishes. Also, does anyone have a good product to get rid of redness and even out skin tone?

  3. Patty Reply:

    What types of foods, give nice skin and allow the skin to appear more vibrant, and fair looking.

  4. Brat Reply:

    School’s starting in a month, and I want to show up with nice, healthy skin. Are there any certain products or routines I should use?

  5. Jared Reply:

    I have pretty good skin so just usually wear mineral powder, but sometimes I want that doll effect of having very smooth skin so I wear Makeup Forever HD Foundation and people say I have nice skin lol.

  6. Cameron Reply:

    What are some at home remedies to get nice smooth skin on your face? Have you tried anything and did it work? I have oily skin so something that might help with that. I don’t want to try Proactive or anything like that just yet.

  7. Tegtmeier55 Reply:

    because my auntie told me that if i want to be a stewardess i should look pretty and have nice skin… but i think im not that pretty and i want to be stewardess…

  8. Jenny Reply:

    I have nice skin but i get break outs often. How do i get clear skin naturally without having to spend tons of money on cleansers and stuff? thanks.

  9. Roxanne Warner Reply:

    Okay so I’ve been told my a lot of people that I have nice skin. Now, I have no clue what this means. Do they mean they like my skin colour (I’m really tan) or do they mean I have clear skin?

  10. Zakky . Reply:

    How do Korean actresses have such nice skin? Is there a certain product they are using?

    (Only answer if you are korean please)

  11. Annoymous Reply:

    A coworker that I have a crush on told me that I have nice skin today. I was standing beside her, and all of the sudden she was like… “hey, you have really nice skin.”

    Does this mean that she’s in to me? Or could she be saying this totally platonically.

  12. Chris Thomas Reply:

    i have spots on my back altough my dad has suggested we go to the doctors to fix that problem.
    but i get spots on my face sometimes, like all teenagers i guess, and i was wondering any tips how to keep spots away and black heads and how to get nice skin?

  13. Ewan Reply:

    I am almost out of my teenage years and I can’t stand the acney anymore. I want to have smooth and nice skin, please help me.

  14. Kenny Reply:

    All the people in Japan that I have seen have nice skin! I am just wondering how they get there skin so clear!

  15. Pricillia Reply:

    I have heard a lot of things and remedies to have nice skin but i want to know what to never do.I would not want to kill my skin or do anything to harm it and its prettu flawless already

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