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How to Make Body Scrub

You may have such questions as How To Make Body Scrubs and How To Buy Body Scrub,or you may also seek several helpful information about How To Make Chocolate Body Scrub. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Recipes for Homemade Body Scrubs,too. Read more as following:

From my own personal past experience, the easiest and quickest way of making a body scrub is to mix about 1 cup of sugar with a 2 tablespoons of olive oil and 1-2 tablespoons of water. This works as a great exfoliater especially in between tanning sessisons.

How to Make Body Scrubs?

You don't need to spend big bucks to enjoy a body scrub. They are simple recipes and can be made in your very own home. Most scrubs start out with a base of sea salt or sugar. Oils and herbs can be added to help refresh the skin. Just keep in mind no... More »

How to buy body scrub?

1. Purchase an herbal scrub, containing ground apricot or peach pits, seeds or nuts, to exfoliate areas where the skin is thick, like the heels and elbows. These scrubs are rich in vitamin A, vital for healthy skin. Nut oils, like almond, hazelnut an... More »

How to make chocolate body scrub?

1. Combine the sugar, unsweetened cocoa powder, pure vanilla extract and honey in a clean, resealable plastic container. 2. Add the extra virgin olive oil and blend it with the other ingredients until it forms a paste. 3. Store your chocolate body sc... More »

How to make an oatmeal body scrub?

1. Place the glycerine soap base in a small sauce pan on medium heat. 2. Allow the soap base to melt, but do not let it boil. Remove the mixture from the heat and allow it to cool. 3. Place the oatmeal in a blender and blend until it is finely ground... More »

How to make jojoba body scrub?

1. Measure 3 tbsp. of jojoba oil and 1 tbsp. of grapeseed oil into the top of a double boiler. fill the bottom of the double boiler with enough water that the base of the top portion rests about 1 or 2 inches above the water. 2. Add 1/4 cup of shea b... More »

How to make lavender body scrub?

1. Crush the lavender with an herb crusher or the back of a metal spoon in a small bowl. For an even finer powder, you can use a food processor. Set aside. 2. Combine the salt, both oils and vitamin E in a small bowl and mix thoroughly so that the sa... More »


  1. Poohbear Reply:

    I’ve been making body scrubs for the holidays and don’t know if they need to be refrigerated. I have used the following oils: olive, almond and grapeseed, and sea salt and brown sugar.

    Thanks, I’ve been searching the internet and can’t find anything specific.

  2. Sahkinah Washington Reply:

    Most of my skin is smooth but there are some areas like my butt that is kind of a rough texture(unless I moisturize a lot). I’m planning on getting a body scrub from the body shop. What are your experiences with body scrubs ? Do they improve skin texture ? Do they help fade tans ? Thanks :)

  3. Jeremiah Reply:

    Ok so sometimes i get spots on my body which i can’t seem to get rid of they do go away by themselves eventauly but i’m just wondering is there a body wash or shower gel or even body scrub anything really that would help my skin be in better condition?
    Thank you.

  4. Poppy Reply:

    I’m about to go to Boracay at the end of the month and I’d like to get a body scrub. Should I get it a week before or the day before I go there?

  5. Dom Reply:

    Does body scrub do a sufficient job of cleaning your body? I know it exfoliates your skin to get rid of dead skin cells, but does it have that bacteria-killing mechanism as well?

    Basically, I want to know if you use soap or body wash after the scrub. Thanks! :)

  6. Madisun Reply:

    I made a body scrub that has brown sugar and baby oil in it. How often should I use It. When does it go bad?

  7. Miranda Reply:

    I got this hand and foot scrub recently and I use it once a day. I’ve been thinking of using body scrub also. Can i use both once a day, at least for the hands and feet?

  8. Dido Too Reply:

    I make my own body scrub and other cosmetics. I’d like to start selling but need to find labels first. The only labels I can find run over $100 for a dozen. Do you know of a website that can send me labels for a reasonable price?

  9. Blaze Reply:

    I usually make a homemade body scrub with coarse sugar and olive oil. I dont have any oil, in a college dorm room. Any ideas on what to use? I have sugar. . .

  10. Ashkan, J. Reply:

    I want to treat someone special with a body scrub. I have never gotten one so it is hard for me to even begin to guess how. I have a proper body scrub from a salon. Can someone please tell me step by step what to do?

  11. Just_me14 Reply:

    I see stuff that says “body wash” and “body scrub”, like soap & glory’s line, but i have no idea what the difference is.

    Also, what’s the purpose of each?
    And what are the advantages/disadvantages of each?

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