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How to Make Lavender Perfume

You may have such questions as How To Make Lavender Perfume and How To Make Rose And Lavender Perfume,or you may also seek several helpful information about How To Make Perfume With Pumpkin Lavender. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Discount Perfume,too. Read more as following:

You can make lavender perfume using fresh lavender buds. Stuff the buds into a plastic bottle. Add some lavender absolute, rubbing alcohol and vitamin E to it. Put the lid on and shake it up well.

How to make lavender perfume?

Video Transcript. Hi, I'm Stephanie from and I'm going to show you how to make a lavender perfume. You'll want to start with lavender essential oil this is the essence of the plant that has been distilled and so this is essenti... More »

How to Make Rose and Lavender Perfume

Rose and lavender perfume is an easy-to-make homemade perfume that has a light, refreshing scent. Making your own perfume has many benefits, including saving money over buying commercial perfumes. Homemade perfumes also eschew the use of chemicals an... More »

How to make perfume with pumpkin & lavender?

1. Find a clean jar (with cover) to mix your ingredients. 2. Add 20 drops of lavender and pumpkin oil (10 drops each) to the jar. 3. Add 2 1/2 oz. of vodka to the pumpkin and lavender mixture. 4. Put the cover on the jar and shake it. Place the jar i... More »

How to find the perfect perfume?

1. The first step is to give yourself time. Clear out an entire day to go to tiny boutiques, chain stores, open markets, specialty stores, warehouses, outlets, and perfumeries. You want to be relaxed and have plenty of time to find the right scent. 2... More »

How to make lavender perfume with lavender buds?

1. Bring 2 cups of water to a boil in an enamel-lined pot. 2. Pour lavender into the boiling water, reduce heat and let simmer, uncovered, for 20 minutes or until the amount of water reduces by about half. 3. Let cool, then strain the remaining liqui... More »

How to make lavender perfume with dried lavender?

1. Grind 2 tablespoons dried lavender flowers in a mortar and pestle as finely as possible. Transfer the ground flowers to a small mixing bowl. 2. Add 2 tablespoons ground cinnamon, and 1 tablespoon dried jasmine flowers to the bowl and mix thoroughl... More »


  1. Fgdfg Reply:

    I want some scents that I can easily find in a yard, like rose petals, to make a nice perfume. Does anybody know any good scents that I should use?

  2. Jak Reply:

    Please-only lavender and rose, no other fragrances.
    It is for an assignment, and I need to know soon

  3. Angela Barlow Reply:

    I have some home grown lavender I need to use. I know it has soothing properties and would like to make it into some kind of oil. I know lavender is good for promoting sleep and relaxation and want to use what I have the best way I can,

  4. Yanty Reply:

    If you had to sell perfume and get the customer to buy the perfume what would you say and do?

  5. Master Reply:

    I was wondering what lavender essential was and what does it do? Also where can I find it?
    also i have a lavender smell thing that i put in this candle type thing and it burns it. Its a liquid, is that an essential oil?

  6. Jodie Reply:

    I am looking to buy a lavender seed to plant and I’m wondering which one would be the most fragrant after it sprouts?

  7. Eon Reply:

    I love perfume but am sensitive to some. I am wondering if there are any people who get headaches with some perfumes, and not with others? Which ones don’t you get them with, and are they great smelling :) Thanks!

  8. Tejaswini Reply:

    What perfume/scent would you want a girl to be wearing.

    Mine smells like honey and caramel.

    Sometimes I use one that smells like vanilla.

    What do guys prefer?

  9. Jill Gardner Reply:

    I recently bought lavender washing up liquid from a local supermarket and love it.It got me thinking that this plant is just so versatile.

  10. My Horse Trudy Reply:

    How would you do it? I have roses, lillies, lavender and sweet peas, to name a few, what would I do?

  11. Lastevia Reply:

    1)What lavender parts are used and what products are obtained from those parts?
    2)How the plant parts are processed for commercial use?

  12. Kendall Reply:

    Looking to buy a nice perfume for a guy but don’t know what is a good one at a reasonable price. Plus one that women seem to enjoy on a man. Women answers greatly appreciated.

  13. Reply:

    Note: I do NOT want eau du toilette or eau du parfum. I want actual LAVENDER perfume oil! Maybe a specialty aromatherapy store or something?

    Help me out? Thank you very much!! =)

  14. Potato! Reply:

    I need a really good one that smells nice. Not over 40$ and do you get compliments when wearing it? i bought so many types of these perfumes and lotions but none of then smell nice. I need one that smells incredible for casual nights and dates.

  15. Keairra Reply:

    I was at TJ Maxx and it was a spherical clear bottle with a lavender colored perfume. It’s a light scent kind of elegant smelling and the name was really unique like e’ something. It was two words. It had a silver cap with a little gold and silver ring attached to the cap. Please help!

  16. Lourdes Reply:

    I have this ONE class I ALWAYS cough in. Like really loud, annoying, uncontrolable coughs. I am allergic to lavender, could someone be wearing lavender perfume and I’m breathing it in?

  17. Troy Flowers Reply:

    I love the smell of lavender, but all the lavender perfumes i’ve smelled smell too grandma like or too old smelling.

    Does anyone know of some specific lavender perfumes?

  18. Jacob Reply:

    I have this really good smelling lavender perfume that the guy I like likes. I had just sprayed it on one day and he thought it smelt really good. But anyways, where do I apply it on myself so that when he hugs me, he will smell it?

  19. Taerninedmimnmotyvb Reply:

    I want one that doesn’t have vanilla or mint accents. I want a true lavender perfume that smells like true lavender. Do you think men like the smell of lavender perfume on women? Thx!

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