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Is There Anything to Make my Freckles Go Away

You may have such questions as Does Lemon Juice Really Get Rid of Freckles and Can You Get Freckles Removed,or you may also seek several helpful information about Will Lemon Juice Lighten Freckles. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Recipe for Getting Rid of Freckles,too. Read more as following:

In my experience, the best way to make your freckles go away is by using the help of a dermatologist. They have special procedures to help lighten and fade freckles. A lot of people really like freckles though.

Does lemon juice really get rid of freckles?

Lemon juice will lighten them a teeny, tiny bit -- however, it won't really be noticeable. You can't really get rid of them, only make them less apparent. 1) Wear sunscreen outside. This will prevent you from getting more freckles. 2) Stay indoors mo... More »

Can you get freckles removed?

There are some treatments that claim to fade freckles, but always talk to your doctor or...... More »

will Lemon Juice Lighten Freckles?

Yes lemon juice can be used to lighten freckles but it is only used for short term results. To permanently lighten freckles you can use topical treatments that are much stronger. ... More »

Is there a way to get rid of freckles?

You can't really get rid of freckles, sorry. But you could try staying out of the sun so that they'll lighten up a bit. But you should still have some fun in the sun! My friend who has freckles who used this solution now has lighter coloured freckles... More »

What causes freckles?

Freckles and the Sun Being outside in the sun may help cause freckles or make them darker. Who's most likely to have freckles? People, especially kids, who have fair complexions. That means their skin and eyes are light in color. Someone with a light... More »

Where do freckles come from?

Stars With Freckles. Lindsey Lohan's early. career. was boosted by them. Lara Flynn Boyle has been nominated for several acting awards with them. Academy-Award nominated actress Julianne Moore displays them in all of her movies. What do all three fam... More »


  1. Jay Reply:

    I wanna now it if can be removed because these scars are so depressing. Please don’t say that ‘ I’m seeing this question again blah blah’ because I don’t know the answer. Will it fade without doing anything to remove it?

  2. Attilio Brandi Reply:

    I’m white, with blonde hair. I would consider myself fair skinned, but not pasty or anything. What have you found that works with fair skinned people and bathing suit colors?

  3. J Y Reply:

    I’m 21 year old male and look like 17 but my skin is bad from acne scarring. How do I keep my skin looking healthy? I don’t know anything about skin care.

  4. Ivy Has Twin Boys! Reply:

    I’ve had freckles since I’ve been a kid on my face. Their soooo annoying and I want them to go away! Is there any home remedies or anything I can buy that can make them go away or at least make them harder to see. I’m 15 if that helps. Thanks!

  5. Mr X Reply:

    It’s above my lip. It’s not an old pimple or freckle or anything like that – it’s maybe 1/2″ square patch which is simply a few shades darker than the surrounding skin (I’m white, if that information is helpful). I’ve tried exfoliating and it doesn’t work.

  6. Matt Reply:

    No laser surgerys or anything like that just simple creams for the face that will take away the freckles or at least lighten them. Btw im 13 incase I cant use any of the products meant for adults. Thanks!

  7. Liveitup Reply:

    Like is there anything that lemon juice would cause?
    My mom told me b/c of the sourness of the lemon it could make wrinkles on the face.
    Help ? Thank you ! (:

  8. Owen Reply:

    I’m a very shy person! I hate guys who look at my face because I’ve got freckles, acne and acne scarring and this makes me self conscious. Everytime i talk to guys i tend to be all shy or try to cover up my face.
    Please help me!
    How do i get rid of freckles, ances and scarring to approach guys?

  9. Jesuovie Reply:

    It kinda bothers me sometimes, Is there any possible way I can make this go away? And I wonder do some people find it cute or revolting?

  10. Regan Reply:

    I have freckles on my lower arms only and they are light and small but I hate them because I have O.C.D…I am about to go to the shop is there anything I can buy form the chemist or anything to fade freckles alot that actually works?

  11. Randi Reply:

    My teenage daughter has freckles on her arms and is very self-conscious about it. She wears long sleeved shirts all the time. I don’t know what to do about it, since they cannot be easily removed. Any help or advice you could give to help ease her mind about them would be greatly appreciated.

  12. Bighos Reply:

    I have some freckles on my arms and I really don’t like them is there anything I can get to make them go away?
    Kiwi that is what my Mum said too lol But these freckles have been there forever and I’m almost 17 and they are still just as much there.

  13. — Amit — Reply:

    Is there anything I can get for freckles just take them away. Anything that is a Creme or lotion or anything that will?

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