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Where can I Buy Indoor Tanning Lotion

You may have such questions as What Is The Best Indoor Tanning Lotion and What Is Indoor Tanning Lotion With Bronzer,or you may also seek several helpful information about How To Rate Indoor Tanning Lotion. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Best Rated Tanning Lotions,too. Read more as following:

You can buy indoor tanning lotions at department stores like Walmart, K-mart and/or Target. The tanning lotion is the best way to get a tan, no chance of skin cancer.

What is the best indoor tanning lotion?

Cypher by California Tan is awesome.... More »

What is indoor tanning lotion with bronzer?

Bronzers are formulated with DHA, an FDA authorized color additive that penetrates amino acids on the surface of the skin to create a darkened reaction. Although bronzers react differently with every skin type, most tanning accelerators with bronzer... More »

How to rate indoor tanning lotion?

1. Begin by asking the tanning salon which formula they would recommend. They may have suggestions on the most popular tanning lotions. Purchase a sample pack of the tanning lotion to begin your first session. 2. Make sure you apply the full tanning... More »

How to Compare Indoor Tanning Lotions

For many years, men and women of all ages would sit outside for hours in search of the perfect summer tan. According to Skin Cancer Foundation, approximately 90 percent of all non-melanoma skin cancer cases are caused by exposure to ultraviolet rays... More »

How to buy indoor tanning lotions?

1. Identify your skin coloring. Most people fall into one of the following: fair, light, medium, olive, dark or deep. This step is crucial for determining the right shade of indoor tanning product. 2. Decide how much tan you desire. Some people want... More »


  1. Catgirl Reply:

    I am just going back to tanning and am starting at a very pale base. I was wondering what is a good indoor tanning lotion to darken me up quick. I don’t like the tingle lotions though.

  2. Celeste Reply:

    I bought this new stuff today (it’s called 14 karat gold) from my salon and it says it works for indoor and outdoor, but i’m wondering how well.

    does anyone else use their indoor tanning lotion while their tanning outside?

  3. Loc’s Law Reply:

    im looking for a really good indoor tanning lotion with bronzers that smells good, any suggestions?

  4. Steven Reply:

    I am thinking about buying Spellbound indoor tanning lotion and Black by Designer Skin. I hear they both work reallllly good so I was just wondering if anyone that has tried it and absolutely loves it? Also if it streaks or makes you orange?

    Please & Thank you!!! =]

  5. Goblue Gal Reply:

    I’m going tanning soon. I saw this indoor tanning lotion at walmart but I don’t know if it really works.

  6. Jennifer Reply:

    how long does it last? if u buy one bottle of indoor tanning lotion and u apply it to the whole body, how many sessions can u do?

  7. Guru1988 Reply:

    I just started tanning at the local salon but there prices for tanning lotion is a little ridiculous. I went to walmart and bought a bottle of INDOOR tanning lotion. it says that its safe to use in the tanning bed but im still a little freaked! Anyone know what I should do?

  8. Erik Reply:

    Can anyone recommend the best place to buy tanning lotions online. Also are there any lotions that don’t stink after tanning?

  9. Destry Reply:

    I recently bought a bronzing indoor tanning lotion and it is leaving orange spots on my skin in certain places and between my fingers, other than that I like the lotion and want to continue using it. How can I get the orange spots to go away after tanning?

  10. Football Dude Reply:

    where can i buy indoor tanning lotions online that are of good quality and have never been used??

  11. O Till We Overdose ..`, Reply:

    I’m looking to buy cheap indoor tanning lotion in Canada, either online or in store. I tried Amazon, but none of the good deals actually ships to Canada. I know about ebay but really would rather just use a credit card rather then paypal. Any other options? Thanks!

  12. Gerald P Reply:

    I want to buy tanning lotion and get it today before i go tanning. PLEASE HELP! I know Sallys sells some but do i have any other options?

  13. Markus Reply:

    i want to go to CVS and buy some indoor tanning lotion. it also has to be cheap. like at the most $15. what should i buy and how much does it cost?

  14. Tonnar Reply:

    Ok, so besides the obvious, that one is for indoor tanning and one for outdoor, and that outdoor lotion may or may not have SPF, what are the differences?

    Can one use outdoor tanning lotion in a tanning booth?
    Does one specifically need to buy indoor tanning lotion for a tanning booth?

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