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Where can I Find Proactiv Solution

You may have such questions as Can I Buy Proactive Solution in a Mall and Which Store Has Proactiv Solution,or you may also seek several helpful information about Does Proactiv Solution Work. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Buy Proactiv in Retail Stores,too. Read more as following:

Proactiv is not available in retail stores. To find Proactiv solution, you will have to order it from an insert in a magazine or mailer, or resort to the internet website they host.

Does PROACTIV solution WORK?

Everybody skin is different, so what works for me, might not work for you. I've tried Proactive before and it made my skin worst. I would not recommend it to anyone. It contains benzoyl peroxide, a harsh preservative/chemical that can irritate proble... More »

Where can i buy proactiv solution?

Proactiv Solution is an acne treatment cleansing system that was made popular through TV infomercials. You can see their commercials regularly to order or can go directly to their website. Proactive is now also being sold in mall kiosks at some shopp... More »

Where can I Buy Proactive Solution?

PRoactive Solution does have a website or a toll free number that you can order from. But now it is available at your local Target, SAMs Club or Costco. It is even sold in vending machines in mall as well.... More »

How to use proactiv solution?

Step 1: Renewing Cleanser Apply a small (dime-sized) amount to dampened skin and gently massage for 1-2 minutes. Rinse thoroughly with warm water. Pat dry. Follow with Step 2: Revitalizing Toner. Use morning and night. Apply to your cleansed skin wit... More »


  1. Alvi Galindo Reply:

    i have been using proactiv solution for about 3 months every morning and sometimes every night i had tired everything else i use the cleanser the toner and the lotion also the refining mask almost every night but i still wake up with NEW blemishes whats your story ?
    Any Tips ?

  2. White Raven. Reply:

    Looking to buy bulk Proactiv Solution from a distributor at wholesale prices.

  3. Ismail Reply:

    If you have ever used proactiv solution what did you think of it? On a scale from one to ten with ten being the best how well do you think it worked? How did it make you skin feel? And do think it was worth the money?

  4. Sammy Gabbie My Poos! Reply:

    My wife was wondering if the proactiv solution can prevent hormonal breakouts. She doesn’t have much of an acne problem unless she’s on her period. Any ideas?

  5. Aadilah Reply:

    My question is where can I buy Proactiv solution without buying it online?
    Do any of the pharmacies carry it? Is there a store that I could go to?


  6. Eon Reply:

    Proactiv solution ad. what position has the company have taken and who is the intended audience?

  7. Lady Moo Reply:

    I want to know if there’s any Proactiv Solution kiosk in Montreal? Or somewhere close.

    Thanks everyone that answer.
    But my question isn’t what product is better than proactiv.
    I just want to know where to buy the product in Montreal? Thanks for answering THAT question.

  8. Tisa Reply:

    though their line.

    Well, at first it was for department store line instead of how Proactiv Solution was. Now left the department store scene to go back to direct selling.

  9. Nick Reply:

    The mall closest to me that has a Proactiv Solution kiosk is Main Place Mall in Santa Ana, Ca.

  10. A Concerned Citizen Reply:

    They just released the “New Proactiv” solution. Will the people that were getting the original Proactiv solution get the “New Proactiv” solution now?

  11. Hyacinth Reply:

    well the other day i got Proactiv Solution (the acne solution) and i’m not exactly sure how to use it, like how long should i keep each step on and stuff so if you could help, i’d appreciate it.

  12. Selina Reply:

    There is a tv channel called TeenNick. On that channel, the proactiv solution 3 step system is advertised. At the beginning of that commercial there is an asian woman in a bathing suit running around on the beach. Who is that asian woman? Can anyone tell me her name or any information? Thanks.

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