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Who is the Aveeno TV Model

You may have such questions as Who Is the Actress in the Aveeno Commercials and Who Is the Aveeno Spokesmodel,or you may also seek several helpful information about Who Is the Woman in the Mercury Commercials. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Who Is the Aveeno Girl,too. Read more as following:

While there have been several actresses that have appeared in the Aveeno TV commercials some of the most common are Hallie Berry and Daniella Van Graas.

Who is the brunette actress in the Aveeno commercials?

Aveeno Actress She is Daniella van Graas. See link below.... More »

Who is the woman on the Mercury commercial, and the one on the KY Warming Liquid...

That girl in the Mercury commercial is very pretty. Also the O ( girl is pretty too.... More »


  1. Melissa Reply:

    between frizz-ease and aveeno which is better and im talking about the styling products
    i want something that will make my hair soft and not hard at all
    i have long layered wavy hair that is sometimes dry other times soft
    thanks to all :) :) :)

  2. Brian Dejesus Reply:

    I really need help and i just need to know what to do to get clear butt skin like models or people we see on the TV and magazine

  3. Mr.d Reply:

    They always show an ad with a female model saying marks on her face were faded by Aveeno SPF Daily Moisturizer. But the problem is, I don’t know what the number is. Aveeno SPF Daily Moisturizer… what?


  4. Planetary Reply:

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