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Why do my Ears Smell

You may have such questions as Why Do My Dogs Ears Smell and What Does It Mean When A Cats Ears Smell,or you may also seek several helpful information about How To Get Rid Of A Smell In A Dogs Ears. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Why Do My Pierced Ears Smell,too. Read more as following:

Your ears may smell bad if you have an ear infection. An infection in the ear can cause a distinct odor. If you’re experiencing ear pain, see a doctor.

Why do my dog's ears smell?

Ear infections occur when the bacteria and yeast are too numerous within the ear and moisture builds up. Other causes are heredity, allergies and skin diseases. Dogs with long ears are more likely to develop chronic ear infections because of the mois... More »

What does it mean when a cat's ears smell?

Odor in the ears may be caused by infections that are bacterial and yeast-related. Infections can also result from ear mites, plant awns and allergies. Odor in the ears may also be caused by hormonal dysfunction. Some cats may suffer from immune diso... More »

How to get rid of a smell in a dog's ears?

1. Check your dog's ears for discharge or a strong, cheese-like odor. These are usually signs of an ear infection, which should be treated by a veterinarian as soon as possible. 2. Get an ear-cleansing solution or other medication from your vet to cl... More »

How to stop your dog's ears from smelling?

1. Make an appointment with your veterinarian to have the dog's ears checked before doing anything else. This is particularly important if the odor is accompanied by the dog scratching and shaking its head. If the smell is the result of an infection,... More »

Why do gauged ears smell?

The reason gauged ears smell is because there is a build-up of dead skin cells and oil collecting on your jewelry and around the hole. It's a natural process, but one tends to notice it more, particularly with bigger gauges, because there is a larger... More »

Why does ear holes smell?

name two countrieswhere tropical forest can be found and two countries where temperate forest can be found.... More »

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  1. Somanyquestions Reply:

    I have a cartilage peircing and I got it done back in May of this year. Well, everytime I mess with my ear, I’ll smell my finger and it smells just like my belly button lol. I know its weird but it does. I wonder why my ear hole smells like that? It smells like its rotten.

  2. Kyla Webb Reply:

    I have a female pitbull. She goes through phases where she scratches and shakes her ears a lot. She could do this for a couple of days, but then not do it any of the nature for 2 weeks. At one point her ears smelled really bad so I clean them out. I have made sure to clean them out regularly now.

  3. Someanimefanowo Reply:

    My cat stopped eating and drinking 2 days ago and i have noticed she is now dribbling lots and her ears smell off. i have bought some ear drops from Pets at home as she may have a ear infection. But would this stop my cat from drinking and eating?
    Any help would be appriciated.

    Thanks :(

  4. Denisy Reply:

    My dog ear smells, you can tell it huts her, is red and like with scab and she scrattches it alot…is.only one ear not both.

  5. Moshey Reply:

    My dog has a ear infection. His ear smells. I want to know how to clean his ears.

  6. Marta Reply:

    I am pretty sure my dog has an ear infection now. Her ears smell and She shakes her head and she cys when we touch around there. What would the vet do to help her? Would there be ear drops or something? How much do you think it would cost. The fee to bring her in is 25$. Thanks for answering.

  7. Violator Reply:

    My dog scratches his right ear all day, that one ear smells bad too and we’re going to take him to the vet but is there anything i can use now? What could this be?

  8. Lovemyhorse Reply:

    My dog scratches his right ear all day, that one ear smells bad too and we’re going to take him to the vet but is there anything i can use now? What could this be?

  9. Divinelotus Reply:

    Ever since I was a kid and no matter how hard I scrub behind my ears, they’ve always smelled like Cheetos. I hate Cheetos and never eat them so why does behind both ears smell like Cheetos everday since I was a kid? Does anybody else have this problem? :-(

  10. Words Reply:

    The vet said her ears smelled yeasty and suggested that we buy an ear cleaning product from the pet store. But these things are pricey and I would like a home remedy if anyone has one and how do I clean them? I don’t want to hurt her.

  11. Kat Reply:

    Did you know that ears smell when they aren’t clean?

  12. Destanoooo Reply:

    My 7 yr old Weimeraner’s ears smell horrible, even after we clean them out. He constantly shakes and scratches them. Also, when you place the ear flap over the actual ear and rub, it causes pain.
    he has seen the vet and had lots of tests. i will try the hydrgen peroxide. and i am a good owner.

  13. Missis Reply:

    I have a Shih Tzu and have not pulled the hair from his ears (I was scared!). I do have the powder but now his ears smell and there is dirt/discharge.

  14. Zachery Reply:

    i have a 5 month old male king charles
    his ears smell very badly even tho they get cleaned.
    generally its only his ears that are smelly
    i am looking for a way to stop this smell..

  15. Fahadjk Reply:

    strangish thing in the world
    i know
    but behind my ears smell really bad and i dont know what to do about it because it comes back

  16. Twiggjosh Reply:

    I have 5 pairs of acrylic, 2 metal and 1 silicone they all seem to make my ear smell horrible even after I wash them. Is there any type of plug that won’t make it smell as bad?

  17. Rebecka Reply:

    I’m just wondering.. I know 0g is the point of no return and I know your ears have the possibility of smelling then. I’m just an itty bitty 14g, so will my ears smell? Is there anything I need to do?

    BTW, I’m not planning on going bigger than 14g. 12g max.

    Thank you!

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