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Can ibuprofen help you sleep?

There is no proof that Ibuprofen will help you sleep, but if you have pain, it will help alleviate it, so that you can sleep! Sweet Dreams! Cha-Cha again soon! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Nilsa Reply:

    While you can take ibuprofen when you feel the symptoms of Restless Leg which will not help reduce RLS symptoms, but will help you sleep through them. Source:

  2. Shera Reply:

    Ibuprofen – can it help you sleep? Various drugs not covered by other forums.

  3. Sunday Reply:

    1 You infant’s wakeful periods should not lastmore than two hours. After the two hour mark they often become over-tired, over-stimulated, and ultimately can’t sleep. This is because their neurological system is still developing and they are… Source:

  4. Chanda Reply:

    Add soothing noises. Many parents have had success with noisemakers — little machines that can produce a variety of soothing noises. The sounds of the ocean, wind and rain have a soothing effect on many kids. Establish a routine. Create a … Source:

  5. Vania Reply:

    Ibuprofen is supposed to be pain all over your body as where tylenol, aspirin, etc are made to just cure your brains pain but I have found that either Ibuprofen or Tylenol both work for pretty much anything and everything in serious times o… Source:

  6. Debbra Reply:

    I took ibuprofen and a sleep aid Is that okay? I took ibuprofen and a get much sleep last night sleep aid because i didnt and ibuprofen because i have been shoveling snow all

  7. Emilie Reply:

    there is no doubt that you can OD you can have a fatal OD on painkillers on OTC drugs on less than a 1000mg!

  8. Beaulah Reply:

    Gengo (2006) says taking Ibuprofen does not provide any better sleep than non- ibuprofen sleep, however Murphy et al (1994) found that NSAID's may actually

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