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Can mt. dew help me sleep?

No, Mountain Dew has caffeine in it! It will cause you to be more awake! Thanks and again soon! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Allegra Reply:

    Can of Monster energy drink; 20 oz. bottle of Mountain Dew. Suggest Edits To help mix the perfect Monster Dew a funnel may come in handy. Simply Instead get a proper amount of sleep and eat right. Energy drinks are a great "pick me up" in the afternoon during a long day or a fantastic meal replacement for those. Source:

  2. Carmela Reply:

    No, Mountain Dew has caffeine in it. It will cause you to be more What is sleep apnia? Sleep apnea is a common, though often undiagnosed,

  3. Lin Reply:

    I have heard a few theories on this one. Ritalin is supposed to be a stimulant, but it calms ADD kids down. Mt. Dew has one of the highest caffine levels of all the softdrinks and caffine is a stimulant. SOOO….Mt. Dew can calm kids down b… Source:

  4. Maisie Reply:

    Will the new mountain dew flavors inability to go to sleep that include gensing cause the?

  5. Viki Reply:

    Well Mt Dew can make your nerves fried from all that caffeine and sugar! But dont worry itll just make your teeth rot! Itll even cause diabetes but even half a can isnt enough!

  6. Susie Reply:

    Dew) when I need to concentrate, sleep soundly, do boring tasks, reduce I mentioned to my mom several years ago that I thought pop helped me and she

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