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Can you die if you don’t sleep?

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  1. Heisuke Reply:

    Well, if it is true I probably should be dead. On average I sleep about 3 hours or less each day. I just turned eleven. 😐

  2. Catherina Reply:

    Even if you are selling the puppy after he is 8 weeks old, you will still need to get pad with the ticking clock if the puppies still don't sleep through the night. a joyous time, but occasionally mothers die or reject the puppies and they must be. Source:

  3. Tamika Reply:

    Could you die without sleep? okay i seriously don’t sleep i just stay up for hours and i still go to school i get dissy but i get over it can i die if i don’t go to sleep

  4. Danette Reply:

    You know the effects of soda on your body, or at least you have an idea of it. Well, if you want to stop drinking soda, no matter what the reason is, you must have the enough willpower to do it. I know it is difficult, I was a soda addict t… Source:

  5. Ena Reply:

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  6. Griselda Reply:

    Sleep is essential for survival. Sleep deprivation is as dangerous to humans as it is to other mammals, and can lead to impaired memory, erratic behavior and lack of coordination. Most mammals sleep, in one form or another, for at least par… Source:

  7. Grace Reply:

    Do people dont sleep get cancer or die fast? People who sleep at day and work when most people sleep. Do they get disease, die fast?

  8. Shelby Reply:

    It doesnt matter when you sleep as long as you get some sleep 6-8 hours a day is good! if you dont sleep at all you wont last long, yes weird as it sounds you can die quicker from lack of sleep than lack of water and food!

  9. Kelsey Reply:

    Even Jesus, the son of the Creator of our universe, died. Even if you are not a Christian and don't believe that God If you die in your sleep do you die in reality ?

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