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Can you die in sleep from dreaming?

No, these beliefs are not true! You will just be really afraid! One can also have things called night terrors! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Heisuke Reply:

    Impossible. Unless you have a high bed like me, (about 15ft. high) and fall off your bed, onto your head. 😀

  2. Mollie Reply:

    You can spend years in training to become as accomplished as professionals, or you can use your own dreams Keep a journal handy to record what goes on while you are sleeping. . mine died to :( i want to tell him the same but im scared Source:

  3. Jaunita Reply:

    Nothing physically happens when you die in your dreams, other than maybe waking yourself up with a nasty shock. People used to believe you would die in your sleep if you died in your dreams, and although you can’t ask people who have died i… Source:

  4. Samella Reply:

    Although there are many theories out there of why we dream while we sleep they are just that, theories. Scientists have been trying to answer that questions for thousands of years and still they are a mystery. For more information, look her… Source:

  5. Mardell Reply:

    No one is positive why people dream when they sleep. Some of the speculated reasons are that they are a response to neural processes that occur during sleep, that they are messages from a higher power, or that they reflection from the subco… Source:

  6. Joanna Reply:

    Dreaming while awake? (not lucid dreaming,not sleep paralysis, and not daydreaming, more like hallucinating)? this has been happening to me alot lately, I wake up really tired

  7. Marquita Reply:

    if your levels of oxygen fall, you seriously can die, and if you get stressed, buy a stress ball, it actually works for me, I dont know about you but I like the stress ball!

  8. Ellen Reply:

    Can you die in your dreams while sleeping? yes, I have died in my dreams several times. In fact, after I died in my dream, it went on to like some weird afterlife

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