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Do you burn more calories being awake or asleep?

Due to the fact that you are likely active during the time you are awake, being awake would burn more calories than sleeping! For example, a 150 pound person would burn 504 calories while sleeping for eight hours! The same person sitting in a chair and reading for eight hours would burn 576 calories! on! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Latonya Reply:

    Sleeping after you eat can cause weight gain. Flag this However, when people are awake, they usually are burning more calories than when they are asleep. Source:

  2. Faye Reply:

    How many calories do you burn sleeping? Improve from what i have heard you burn more fat when sleeping then you do just sitting awake in one place

  3. Denita Reply:

    The number of calories you burn in an hour of being awake is dependent on your body weight and the activities you do in that hour. Source:

  4. Lizabeth Reply:

    A couch potato will probably eat while awake and burn very few calories. If a person is active then they will burn more while they are awake. Source:

  5. Cassey Reply:

    It depends on the person if the body burns more calories awake or asleep. During sleep, your body is at work repairing cells and numerous others things and burn quite a bit of calories. When you awake you are awake it depends on how vigorou… Source:

  6. Kelle Reply:

    Do you burn more calories when your tired or when your say you burn calories by awake? ive been curious because people doing work (scientifically) i was wondering if you burn

  7. Mellisa Reply:

    when your awake cause your moving around

  8. Arlene Reply:

    Some people are very active when awake and others are not. – Sleeping itself is a fast, Do you burn more calories sleeping or just being lazy? Just being lazy

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