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Do you guyz ever sleep?

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  1. Georgette Reply:

    How to Have a Sleepover With Guys and Not Wake up Gross. Print this article An easy way to do this is to write a list of what you'll need the day before as you are actually getting ready. 2 It may feel like you'll never move on How to Get Source:

  2. Abbey Reply:

    Just looking at some of the post times, and realized that there are a lot of folks who post in the middle of the night. I just wonder how many night

  3. Denita Reply:

    because your excersing and you get tired and then you sleep better Source:

  4. Anita Reply:

    The record for the longest period without sleep is 18 days, 21 hours, 40 minutes. i dont know if this person is right who anwsered before me but i heard about this lady who went 40 years without sleep Note: There are comments associated wit… Source:

  5. Donya Reply:

    if she is a girly girl 1. friends 2. give each other make-overs 3. snacks 4. paint their nails. 5. play games 6. Candy/ sweets 7. Movies 8. leting them stay up late but not too late 1: Bake some cakes, Its always fun to do some baking wheth… Source:

  6. Christa Reply:

    Hey Guyz My PC restarts everytime game Plz guyz i need I install n play a help!!!!? my confijguration is Motherboard-Intel 945GC,1 GB Ram And 512 mb Ram,Intel dual core 3.0 G

  7. Nubia Reply:

    yea u noe what i mean do you??

  8. Linsey Reply:

    This fun to do but you must have lots of empty cans (or what ever makes lots of . sleeping one of my friends (we are all guys)jumped on me and then I jumped

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