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Does Indica make you go to sleep?

Cannabis indica is an annual plant in the Cannabaceae family! A putative species of the genus Cannabis, it is typically distinguished from Cannabis sativa! It has different effects on people, so it may or may not make you sleepy! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Simona Reply:

    Clear, glowing skin is within reach with natural home treatments. simply beautiful Pull your hair back in a ponytail if you have long hair and go to sleep on your back Olive oil and honey hand cream is a simple, easy to make hand cream that is great This rich oil, which is ground or distilled from the Azadirachta indica. Source:

  2. Kacey Reply:

    agreed i like to enjoy the weed first then go to sleep sorta high, @op indica strains should help you sleep better sativas will just make your mind

  3. Lura Reply:

    There have been people that have gone as long as eleven days without sleep. This is not normal and not healthy. As you lose sleep your thinking will suffer and your reflexes will slow down. At some point you will even start to hallucinate. Source:

  4. Louetta Reply:

    Going to sleep faster requires you to just do it. Laying there thinking about going to sleep doesn’t help you any. When you are laying in bed, try to imagine your mind as a trash can. And any time a thought pops into your head, you immediat… Source:

  5. Alex Reply:

    If you have trouble sleeping when you get in bed each night, just follow these steps. No exercise or caffeine drinks 3 hours before bedtime. No TV 30 minutes before bedtime. Eat a small carb snack (2 cookies and small glass of milk) 1 hour … Source:

  6. Cherelle Reply:

    what is the market price of Tata Indica. I want the price of all the models of indica? Your help is required?

  7. Mellissa Reply:

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  8. Alena Reply:

    Can marijuana create sleep disorders? Can marijuana help you sleep? Yes, marijuana tends to make you relax and if you smoke a lot of it you might just go to sleep. The bad There are two types of Marijuana, there is Sattiva and Indica.

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