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Does the amount of sleep you get affect your height?

Yes, When you give your body the sleep it needs, it will give you increased height! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Bruno Reply:

    well hir we have something that not many people believe,but ouer body is like a tree,between 8 and midnight the body absorbs polution,and from midnight till 4 am the body rests,and from 4 am till 8 it will inhel fresh oxigen.So at is up to you what you whant to do.But remember less sleep,you will reep the consequences when you are older.And the consequences are severe.

  2. Lynsey Reply:

    As you get older, you can gain four inches of height simply by correcting your posture. Get the right amount of sleep for your age to positively affect the growth Source:

  3. Elayne Reply:

    Does when you sleep affect your growth in height? I’m 15 y/o and I’ve recently been sleeping at around 1~2am, but still getting about 8~9 hours a day. Im around

  4. Tonie Reply:

    the lower the amount of water in the soil the more closely the plant stays closer to the ground as in the desert plants like the succulent- rosettes do. but their roots grow deeper in order to reach the water that is lower down in the deepe… Source:

  5. Eulah Reply:

    Sleep loss may cause the hormones that control appetite to get out of balance. Source:

  6. Rasheeda Reply:

    Taking more than the prescribed amount of sleeping medication will result in increased sedation. Since most sleeping medications are psychologically and physiologically addictive, taking more than necessary will lessen the time for you to b… Source:

  7. Michaela Reply:

    How does the amount of sleep (less sleep, more sleep) affect the way you perform on tests? I need a “scientific” explanation. Like what parts of the brain/body gets affected a

  8. Aurelia Reply:

    Sleep and lack of it affects your health!

  9. Elyse Reply:

    Does sleeping late but still getting 8 hours affect your height growth? you will get a bit shorter only by 1 cetemeter but if you go to sleep your height will be back

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